Lack of consistency is a very common problem. It usually has to do with your alignment, excitement, and motivation. I’ll share what that may look like for you, and how to amp up your consistency and get back into alignment without effort.

Maybe you’re thinking that consistency just isn’t possible for you. Well, listen in because I share what I think inconsistency is and how to fix it. I’ll also discuss what consistency is not and what it actually might be in your life. Hopefully, it’ll clear up some misconceptions that you may have.

The goal for today’s episode is to, not only get you back to a consistent place, but to get you back in alignment, reignite your excitement, and get the things done that need to get done so you can be successful and actually move forward in your business!


Jenna Faith is a 7 figure business coach and advocate for female entrepreneurs who know they are meant for millions. She does not believe that successful women need to learn more strategies to achieve more success; instead, she helps them restore their business alignment so that success becomes a natural extension of who they are.

Jenna is the go-to secret weapon to empower women to claim the recognition they deserve and leave a legacy that lasts. She has been featured in over 200 publications, including Business Insider, Inc., Fast Company,, and more.