Welcome to Focused, Fierce, and Financially Free!

This is a weekly “quick bite” podcast for online entrepreneurs who want to create wealth and freedom with their business! In this show, you’ll get a short, 15-20 minute episode on the mindset and strategy to get seen, known, and paid online! 

Each week, you’ll get some strategy, some mindset, and a healthy dose of tough love, with 100% authentic, raw, and real advice to help you navigate this crazy world of entrepreneurship!

Jenn Scalia is your host, and she is a Mindset and Visibility Strategist. Jenn has had the opportunity and privilege to work with thousands of entrepreneurs, over the last five years, to start, scale, and grow their online businesses. Jenn shares her story and why she does what she does so she can help you, week-to-week, with your business!

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