As my business continues to grow and flourish, I get better and better at making the right choices for myself and my business. I attribute my continue success to my daily habits. And they are very different from what’s touted on motivational websites and blogs. I don’t get up at 5am, I don’t meditate, I don’t read 18 books a week, but I do have a few rituals that are easy to implement, practical and actually work.


Journal – I journal about what I desire in my life, biz, relationships, health- everything- because it’s all related. And even though we’ve been told since we were little that we can’t have it all, I actually believe that we can’t have one without the other, that we actually MUST have it all the be the happiest and most successful we can be.

Perform at least one needle-moving activity – Notice how I said “at least one”? That means I don’t stress myself out trying to get the entire “to do list” done in one shot. I typically start with the things I WANT to do, then I do the things that are time sensitive or have a deadline. There are a lot of things to DO in a day, but doing the ones that will actually make you money and bring you clients is key 🙂

Take care of myself – This includes taking time off, taking naps, and pampering myself (getting my nails done, massage or hair). For you this can be bubble baths, yoga, and green smoothies. Just don’t neglect to take care of you, don’t “forget” to eat, don’t forget to take breaks and breath.

Connect with my biz BFF’s – Every day I’m in contact with at least one of my biz besties. These are my girls that I come to for anything- biz, life, relationships, or just to bitch and moan if I need to. (Thanks Amber, Maru, Rachel, Julie and Charissa!) They keep me sane and we support each other. It feels amazing to know you are fully supported and appreciated on this crazy journey. I sure as hell would NOT want to do this alone. If you’re feeling lonely, I encourage you to find your biz BFF fast!

Brain dump new ideas – I get so many new ideas every day and I know I can’t possibly act on all of them. Some of them are not even worthy of being acted on. But instead of keeping them all in my head. I get them out and get them out fast. I have piles of “new notes” on my iPhone and just pop stuff in there as it comes up. At the end of the night, I get rid of the ones that don’t make sense or put them somewhere for later. The good ones, I keep and brainstorm ways to monetize them fast.


Get sucked into social media – Notifications on my phone are completely off on all social media, meaning I actually have to go into the app to see notifications. I have the Newsfeed eradicator on my desktop for Facebook and if I find myself getting sucked in the timeline on my phone, I will immediately delete the app from my phone (I can always add it back in later!)

Consume content (unless it’s fully relevant to what I need in that moment) This is the cure for shiny object syndrome. Ask yourself every week- what’s my number one goal/focus? When you are clear on that, put all your energy towards that one thing. Anything that doesn’t pertain to that goal or focus, you ignore- no matter how good it sounds. If you’re focused on booking discovery calls for 1:1 coaching, then don’t get swayed by a new course about how to create a course.

Entertain every conversation/ask – I get a lot of requests daily. A lot. And most of them are self serving (from the other person). I used to think it was bitchy or rude to not reply or entertain someone’s request or message, but the reality is I can’t respond or reply to everyone without losing my sanity. I always ask myself if this is a win-win? Is this beneficial?is this something I’m excited about? I choose wisely and so should you.

I’d love to hear from you! Do you implement any of these rituals now? Are you going to from now on?