The other day, I had someone tell me I “work too hard”. I actually thought it was funny, because it may appear that way, but the truth is, I’m actually not “on” all the time. I do what needs to be done, I show up for my private clients, I create amazing content, and I connect with my audience. The rest? I delegate and outsource.

I’m an introvert- big time. And being on all the time is draining for me. Feeling like I have to comment on every post, keep up to date with the newsfeed or livestream every day- 10 times a day is exhausting. So… I don’t do it.

But when I am on, when I am putting out content or creating videos or livestreams- they are of substance, they are stellar content. Content that lasts and doesn’t go off with the wind. They have a longer shelf life, which is why it appears like I’m everywhere even when I’m not.

Some people preach the hustle, hustle (eventually leads to burnout and resentment) way. And while I’ve done my fair share of the energetic hustle, I believe I’ve created a nice balance that allows me to create a big impact, big income and still FEEL GOOD.

Having your own business is not just about the money. Yes, the money is nice, but let’s be honest, the money doesn’t mean anything if you can’t enjoy life and if you have no one to share it with. My guess is that you got in this business so you can have FREEDOM.

I am proof that you can build a six figure, multi six or even 7 figure business without being “on” all the time.

This past year I made it a point to create my business with ease, effortlessness and flow. No, that didn’t mean that I slacked or didn’t put in the work (I certainly did), but I played to my strengths and only said yes to things that felt good.

I also made it a point to release and let go of things rather easily and quickly as soon as I knew it was not serving me.

I’ve created a schedule for myself that allows me to avoid burnout, pamper myself, perform at my best when I’m “on”, and still make bank.

People are always asking me what my schedule looks like, so here it is:

As you can see, I have very focused times for certain activities, only two days where I’m on clients calls and in “coach mode” and I have a lot of time off. I also don’t spend a ton of time on social media or email. I’m a get in and get out kind of girl, which is why I’ve been able to be so productive and focused. Which is why it appears like I’m everywhere, and doing lots of things, but my time is well spent.

This coming year, you will see a lot of changes in my business model and how I am serving clients, customers and my audience (more on this later).

My mission is not just to help you create freedom and wealth through business, but also to have you do it with ease and grace.