If there’s one thing I learned over the last four years in business, it’s that money comes when you feel good and are having fun.

A few years ago I started implementing what I call the “Feel Good Philosophy” where I decided that I would ONLY do things that felt good and NOTHING that didn’t.

This was interesting because some of the things I didn’t want to do went against what the “gurus” say you HAVE to do to be successful. But it worked so well for me, that I started to have my clients work this way too.

So many of my clients would come to me saying that they disliked a certain type of marketing strategy but felt like they “had” to do it.

I’m a little bit of a rule breaker and a rebel and I believe you absolutely don’t HAVE to do anything you don’t want to do.

Because if you hate or dislike something, you’re just going to procrastinate anyway. Or if you do convince yourself into doing it, then your energy will be off and no one is going to respond positively anyway. So really, there’s no point.

Now I must say, there is a difference between doing what only feels good and good ol’ resistance and sabotage, but it’s too much to explain here.

For now, I wanted to share with you my “feel good framework” in hopes that you’ll be able to enter 2018 with more ease, flow and feeling good in your business!

Focus on the things that you are EXCELLENT at and ditch the rest. This is not the time to learn a new skill or try a new platform. Embrace what comes easy. The thing you can do blindfolded with your hands tied behind your back. Many people find this hard, because they don’t think they should be paid well for something that comes so naturally, but it’s the exact opposite. Doing what comes easy not only eliminates stress, but it guarantees RESULTS.

Now that you are embracing your natural strengths and what you are good at. It’s time to discover why what you do is different and how your approach is unique. This is your brilliance. This is what separates you and makes you YOU. Because here’s the deal… You can’t screw up what you were born to do.

I know, I know. The dreaded “One Thing”, but let me tell you, it’s the most surefire way to stand out and command respect- by focusing on the ONE thing you want to serve people with. Focusing on one thing not only positions you as the expert and the most viable option for potential clients, it also makes your job a helluva lot easier to do. Don’t complicate things, focus on your one thing and effortlessly attract the people who need you.

Look inside. Instead of constantly seeking advice from friends, coaches, mentors, or Facebook groups (Yikes!), realize that every answer you are seeking is already inside of you. And it starts with the FEELING. What is your gut telling you? What’s your first reaction? How does it feel when you talk about or think about the thing or situation? Trust what your body is telling you is right and go with it.

In order for business to feel good, effortless and in flow… you MUST fall in love with selling. Selling is not sleazy. Asking for money is not greedy. Selling is serving- it’s providing value in exchange for transformation. You must embrace this or nothing will ever feel good and your mindset will not shift into wealth.

No matter what, always just be you. Quirks, polarity, silly faces and all. We are in an industry that thrives on authenticity and vulnerability. People want to know who you ARE. They want to connect with a real human, with real emotions, that they can relate to- not some robot trying to sell them something. Embrace your uniqueness and you will effortlessly attract your true tribe.

This goes back a little bit to knowing your strengths, except I feel like knowing your communication style is the key to real connection with your audience. Never mind the gurus telling you you need to livestream, do webinars or podcast, if that’s not how YOU best communication your stories, your authenticity and your expertise. Figure out what best suits you and your personality (ie. writing, speaking, video, etc) and go all in with it.

Take a look around. Who is supporting you (or not supporting you)? Are you surrounded by people who believe in you, or nay sayers and negative Nancy’s? Uplevel your connections, your environment and what you will allow in your space. Remove anything or anyone that doesn’t FEEL GOOD.

The Feel Good Framework is one of the philosophies I implement not only in my own business, but also encourage for every single one of my clients. I hope you take this framework and apply it to your business in 2018!