Do you remember Periscope? If you don’t, definitely don’t worry. It was a social media platform that lived and died on the vine – that went faster than it came.

This is why I stress the fact that you need to have multiple ways to get clients, multiple ways to share your content and be visible and the importance of building your EMAIL LIST.

We have pretty much zero control over the rules, regulations, or staying power of any social media platform so really, it’s very silly to put all your eggs into one basket when it comes to that.

Anyway, this is not what I want to talk about today. The reason I brought up Periscope is because I was perusing my YouTube channel which now has over 400 videos (you can check it out and subscribe here) and some old Periscope live videos came up –

One of them being “There’s only two things you need to be successful online”

And with the foundation of mindset, I still believe this to be true even though I created the video a couple of years ago.

Those two things are: Content and Action.

Content: This can be in any form or medium: PDF’s, videos, audio trainings, workbooks, quizzes, cheat sheets, checklists, livestreams, Instagram stories, Facebook posts, Linked In articles, guest blogs, podcasts… the list goes on and on.

Action: FORWARD moving action towards your goals DAILY. Too many people waste too much time on random tasks and things that don’t actually move them forward at all.

Really? Simple. The only things you need? Well yes, to start. To get your first or next clients, to create quick cash in your biz, to get over a financial plateau or stuckness, to rock a new transition in your business, to jump to your next level…

It’s simple but it works every time:

Create a banging piece of content that positions you as the expert, hook your readers/viewers, make a call to action – Viola! Clients on demand!

By creating content and taking action you are hitting multiple birds with one stone. You are positioning yourself, sharing your message, getting visible, making offers AND calling in potential clients and customers.

Sure, when you are ready to scale and go to the next level you will need systems and structures in place to creating a sustainable business that consistently generate revenue. And all of that stuff can come later – for now, get out there. Create content and take forward action DAILY.

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Enjoy and get busy!