WARNING: This post contains no sugar coating and a dash of profanities.

Are you a people pleaser? Or as I would rather call it: “A p*ssy”? Are you whipped by society’s ideal of what you can and can’t do, be and can’t be? Are you the type of person that just can’t say no, even when you really, really, want to? Are you so crippled by low self esteem and lack of confidence that you never accomplish what YOU want to do in and with your life?

Today, I want you to pledge to start living your life- your way and OWN who you are. Not the picture you’ve painted for society, but the actual, real YOU. Own your quirks, your imperfections, your flaws, your passions and your extraordinary ideas.

If you continue allow outside opinions control you, you will never fulfill your passion and purpose in life. If you let rejection frighten you, change your focus, or stunt your growth, you won’t blossom into the person you are truly meant to be. We all know someone who always plays the victim, who blames everyone else for why their life sucks and NEVER takes responsibility for their actions. Don’t be that person. Be a slave only to yourself, your work, your purpose and help others by shining your light on the world.

When it comes down to it , there will only be one person to face—Yourself. You won’t want the day to come when you look in the mirror and say “I had so much to offer, but I didn’t show the world because I was too concerned about what other people thought.” Stop being a people pleaser. Don’t be swayed by other’s opinions, threats, judgments, or criticisms. Follow your heart, live your passion, love more and enjoy life.

There is nothing better for the people in your life than for you to be at your very best, at your own peace and showing the world in every way who you are and what you stand for.

Be ballsy, be fearless be awesome… on purpose. In the comments section below, tell me that one thing you absolutely can’t say no to or stand up for, no matter how hard you try. I will personally coach anyone who responds.