Content Strategies to Create a Tribe of Raving Fans (and Buyers!)

Today, I’m sharing with you my TOP 3 content strategies to create a tribe of raving fans (and buyers!). Creating content takes time and it’s a way of sharing your expertise, it’s kind of like the Open House to your services. You want to be able to take people through your services, what you offer, your opinions, perspective and unique solution to their problems, a sort of preview before they buy without being too sales-y about it.

There are also strategies about how you share that content that MOST people don’t know about and miss, which causes them to LOSE the traffic before they even hit them with their true GENIUS. I’m not going to let that be you, traffic is the biggest hurdle to overcome, so pay close attention to these techniques that will help you leverage:

Guest contribution for maximum exposure and traffic

Guest posting and interviews are a great way to gain instant credibility in your market. I talk about this all the time and encourage everyone to do it. The best part (for you) is that most people DON’T take the time and effort to actually do it.

When contributing to other audiences, here are some of my top tips:

  • DON’T send readers to your website- HUGE mistake most people make. If they go directly to your site, they can do any number of things, however if you send them to a specific landing page, they have two options- give you their email address, or click off if they’re not interested. This is how you leverage guest contributions and grow your list.
  • Do your research- Make sure the publication is a perfect fit for your ideal audience. A lot of people want to be on certain publications because they are popular, however, it won’t necessarily serve you if the audience does not match your target market.
  • Leverage publicity with emails and ads- Once you’ve gotten the feature, you want to leverage it by sharing with your audience through you list and social and encouraging them to like and comment. You can even run a FB ad to your feature to get more eyes on it.

When interviewing, you want to make sure you have:

Your Unique Story/ Angle – Don’t sound like a broken record, with the same story and the same tips in every interview. You also want to make sure you set yourself apart from other guests.

Specific offer to listeners – offering a special freebie, opt in specifically for that unique audience will make them feel special. Make sure the freebie is relevant to what you talked about on the interview. For example, when I primarily talk about mindset on my interviews, I send people to my Six Figure Success Mindset Mini Course, when I talk strategy, I will send them to my 26 Ways To Be More Visible Opt In.

Strategically plan to promote your interview and repurpose as additional content- The best thing about interviews is that you can repurpose them. You can have them transcribed and turned into a blog post or a newsletter.

Use social challenges to elevate your influence and trust

I have been running challenges since February of 2014 and have learned a ton from hosting over 2 dozen of them. Challenges are now so popular, however I still see a lot of people doing them wrong, which leads to less than stellar results.

When running social challenges, you want to make sure that your challenge is Step 0 or Step 1 of your process. You don’t want to give it all away or they will have no reason to take that next step with you and buy your course or hire you. Essentially, you want to give them a result at the end of your challenge, but you want to also create a new problem in which the next best step for them is your offer.

You want to make sure have a strategy in place to leverage the engagement and pitch your offer. Another great way to get people active and engaged is to incentivize them to participate. When I ran the Unleash the Leader challenge, I offered a 6 week mentoring package to the person who participated and showed up most. This worked incredibly well for engagement, and the best part is, because so many of you put so much effort into it, you were all winners!

Develop your unique Authority Value Proposition to stand out amongst the crowd

Your AVP is what is going to separate you from the sea of new coaches and entrepreneurs that are popping up every day. This is a combination of your story, your unique angle/positioning in your niche, your blue ocean strategy and the results you have been able to achieve for your clients.

Key Takeaways:

> Content is only Queen when you leverage it with strategy

> Your story matters, don’t be afraid to share it

> Engage your audience and produce results before they even buy

Whoah! Over the past few weeks, I’ve given you my very best strategies for growing your business to six and then seven figures… But the hands on income-producing, movement causing and mindset shattering stuff I still haven’t covered, like:

→ How to actually get the attention of clients, as well as influencers

→ How to make compelling offers to your ready to buy tribe

→ How to get publicity and more eyes on your services/offerings

→ How to leverage content into cash flow that is consistent

→ How to own your worth so it’s reflected in the kind of income and clients you attract

However, I know that if you implement just ONE piece of what I’ve been sharing with you over the last few weeks, you will see immediate results. Please hit reply and keep yourself accountable, let me know which strategies you are trying and committing to so I can keep my eyes on you!

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