Every where you look, people are getting engaged or married, having kids and settling down. Just because you haven’t found that yet, doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you. In fact, you should take use the single life to your advantage. Not to sleep around and rage every weekend, but to discover your life’s purpose and live a successful, happy life.

Our generation has embraced living life on your own terms. It’s unfortunate that so many people before us didn’t have the opportunity to live out their full potential due to societal conformity. It’s funny how we’re still expected to live life like our parents did. It used to be all about finding a man, getting married and having kids. That’s what life was all about, and then you lived happily ever after, right? Wrong. How many people do you know that are truly happily married and living the life they’ve always dreamed of. Aside from celebrities and fairy tales- I’d venture to say not many.

We have an amazing opportunity to break the cycle, declutter the bullshit and block out the noise of our parents and elders telling us what life is all about. Happy doesn’t mean married with kids. Happy doesn’t mean being handcuffed to the 9-5 just to pay the bills. Happy means doing what makes you feel good and not having to depend on anyone else for your joy. Having a boy on your arm or in your bed every night to cuddle with isn’t going to make you happy in itself. The only way to make that true is to be happy with yourself first.

So how do we go about being truly happy with ourselves, when we’ve been taught our entire lives that our happiness depends on other people and things? You have to retrain your brain and get rid of those limiting beliefs. They’re limiting because they make you think you can’t do or be anything unless you get approval first. Your life shouldn’t be about impressing others or trying to make others see your worth. Make yourself proud first and your light will shine.

Your priority should be finding your passion and then finding a way to turn that passion into profits, so you can live the life of your dreams, while doing something you truly love. Boys and relationships are a distraction when you’re on the road to discovering yourself and your life’s purpose. The hard truth is that most relationships suck the life out of you, make you feel worthless and hinder your progress towards personal growth.

My motto is “Do You!” Be awesome, inspiring, beautiful and limitless- and do it on purpose. Do it for you. Because that’s what you were created for, not to please some guy who is only going to break your heart in the end. When you are confident and secure in who you are, no one will ever be able to break that down. So work on that part first and the rest will fall into place. When you discover who you really are and you’re on the path to reaching your full potential, you will attract friends, relationships and opportunities that are in line with your life’s purpose.