Have you ever had something weighing on you that just didn’t feel right? You let that thing fester and you could feel that it was blocking you from moving forward?

But maybe you didn’t know how to handle it, or what to say, or kept it to yourself for fear of what other people would think.

It’s something that as an entrepreneur happens to me often, but my intuition always kicks in and I choose to decide on a different course of action.

For me recently it’s shown up in ways like this:

– Not feeling right about the cost of a program
– Not feeling in alignment with a marketing strategy I paid big bucks for
– Feeling tied to certain people and commitments that were no longer serving me
– Offering services that didn’t suit my zone of genius

Sound familiar?

Well here’s what I did:

I changed the price of a program because it didn’t feel in alignment

I nixed a marketing strategy that wasn’t working for me

I released some commitments that felt energetically draining

I’m hanging up my coaching hat for good come September

I’m even thinking of getting rid of every darn program I have to focus on ONE product (this is yet to be decided ;-))

Essentially, I’m throwing away the damn plan!

Am I worried? Am I nervous? Am I scared?


And here’s why:

I know like I know, like I know… that I WILL be supported no matter what. That I’ll have more than enough and then some. That by letting certain things go, I am opening the door to endless opportunities that DO feel good.

I also know that when you FEEL GOOD, money flows.