The last few weeks have been a complete shitstorm. Major changes are taking place in my business and my life. It’s caused a lot of resistance.

I worked hard for the last year and a half to perfect my website and create an amazing brand.

Unfortunately, I was falling short, and I realized I needed to invest even more. It was scary. It was hard. But all great changes are, right?

I went through a sort of identity crisis as everything I built from day one was changed and rearranged. Even though I KNOW these changes are vital to going pro, mean more support, content and love for YOU, I resisted.


Because I was comfortable. Plain and simple. It was easy to build my house and stay there. Or should I say “hide” there.

With the support of some pretty amazing people, I was able to come out of my shell, stop hiding and give my all to this. To you.

I’m busting out in style. New, upgraded and updated EVERYTHING. And it’s going to be fucking fantastic.

I want to continue to give you incredible content and experiences so you can learn and grow and step into the awesome person you were born to be. Sometimes you might hear from me on a Thursday, but it might be a Tuesday or a Saturday. You may get a blog post or a video, or a free challenge or podcast.

I’m not cookie-cutter. I conformed because I thought I had to. But I’m breaking out now.

Are you ready?

You’ve been an amazing supporter. I want to give you a sneak peak at my new branding: