I want you to hear this loud and clear:


I remember when I was in my early twenties before I had my son, I used to think that making $40-45K a year was GOOD. I thought that someone making $60K a year was GREAT and I used to think making six figures a year was something that MOST people didn’t experience.

When I first started my business, all I wanted to do was make $5,000 a month to pay my bills, get out of debt and have money for fun things like vacations.

It wasn’t until I got into this online coaching space that I realized that $40-60K a MONTH could be normal and that there were even people making over six figures every MONTH.

Holy mindset shift.

It didn’t piss me off like I was “taught”, (cuz you know, they are bragging). I was actually inspired. Because I knew that if someone else could do it, I COULD TOO.

And when I started making $50K a month regularly, I didn’t get embarrassed, or feel shame like I was “taught”, (cuz you know, rich people are bad)… Instead, I felt a deeper calling to make this possible for other women too.

What I learned is that, it is not a badge of honor to live in scarcity, broke mentality or lack. But I think there’s people out there who subconsciously sabotage themselves or play small, because they think that it is. Or they don’t want to offend people, or they don’t want to brag, or they don’t want to emasculate their men, or they buy into the old school principals that taught us that MEN are supposed to be the providers. (no offense to my male subscribers – I love you too!)

Here’s what I think:

F that. F the old stories. The old outdated ideals and beliefs that have kept you stuck or playing small.

As women, we have massive power and I believe world domination is happening for us, but we need to step up and BELIEVE that.

We need to believe that we are capable.

We need to believe that we are worthy.

We need to believe that we are smart with money and can save and/or spend as we please.

We need to believe that we don’t need anyone: parent, spouse or boss, to finance us because we are highly fucking capable of doing it ourselves.

Finally, we need to take responsibility for what we have and don’t have (yet) and stop blaming others because that’s the default thing to do.

We need to rise up, own our power and our weaknesses, own our strengths and our mistakes and make it happen once and for all!

I was talking to a friend about the small percentage of women in our industry in the 7 figure range… why is that?

And how if you go to any conference or industry event, MOST of the speakers are men… why is that?\

We are all capable of being wealthy, powerful and in control of our destiny. I believe that with all my heart.

Darling, God did not put you on this Earth to be broke and struggling. He put you here to shine and share your gifts, to impact others, and to speak your truth.

The time is now. Not later. Not when it’s perfect. Not when you figure this or that out. Not when you have enough money to. Not when you get approval from someone else… it’s NOW.

So back to my original question… Are you really meant to be rich?

1000% YES! It is your birthright.

Struggle and worry do not suit you my dear…

WTF are you waiting for?