I see you, hustling hard to build the life and biz of your dreams…

Trying to avoid the shiny objects and find that one thing that will finally work for you.

I know you dream about unlimited earning potential, financial freedom, and time to do the things you actually love with the people you love.

I know you want to change people’s lives, get your message out there and do the work that lights you up.

And today, I want to share with you 9 steps to create all that by living and being in your truth.

1) Trust and believe – Trust your intuition and believe in the nudges and downloads you receive about what to say, what to sell and what next steps to take

2) Do the thing you’re most resisting – Typically the thing we resist, is the thing that we know deep down will result in a breakthrough. Whatever you’re most scared to do, is probably the thing you should do

3) Ask for a clear sign – if there’s any confusion or doubt, ASK. Ask God, the Universe, your guides to give you a CLEAR SIGN that cannot be mistaken as coincidence, then…

4) Pay attention and listen – Keep your ears, eyes and heart open to the signs you receive,

5) Act fast – once you receive, take the idea and run with it. Now. Fast. Do not pass Go. Do not overthink. If you feel it in your heart and soul, go with it and don’t hesitate.

6) Live it, Breathe it, feel it, become it – Feel into the idea, whether it’s for a piece of content, a new venture or a new program. Embody what it feels like to put it out into the world. Feel the feels.

7) Get fucking excited! – Remember, it’s all about ENERGY. When you are excited about an idea, or an offer, it’s contagious!

8) Tell everyone – Or rather, if you’ve done all of the above, you CAN’T NOT tell everyone. You just can’t shut up about it.

9) Stop telling yourself lies about why you can’t – Let go of the ego, the procrastination and perfectionism. If you’ve done steps 1-8 above, then this should be fairly easy now.

I know what you’re thinking, it can’t possibly be THAT easy… but it is. Yes, there are other logistics here and there, but this is the core of living your passion AND getting paid for it.

By applying all of these in my business, in one week I was able to call in dozens of paying clients and customers with ease.

My 1:1 Case Studies Spots – OVER sold in 72 hours

My Founding Members for Mindset Mavens – SOLD OUT in five days

Plus I have a list of over 50 other people who are interested in my other offers.

All this with…

No Facebook ads, sales pages or webinars

No challenge (although one is coming up very soon!)

And I’m pretty sure I only did ONE livestream last week

Ideas are flowing like a faucet, and I’m not asking “how can I monetize this”, but rather… how can I not?

It hurts to stay quiet.

I can’t sleep because I’m so psyched.

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