Every day, I am blown away by the amazing women I see online. Doing their thing, stepping into their power, changing the world.

I literally scroll and think, man, she’s cool. And so is she. And wow I love her message. And I’m sure you see it too.

And from the outside, it looks like most of them have their shit together, but the sad reality is, after seeing the INSIDE of many of these businesses, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies.

They are struggling. Hard. They are doing the best they can. Doing everything they are supposed to. And still, clients are hard to come by. Bank accounts are dwindling. They are working their fingers to the bone, staying up late, working on weekends, taking calls at night to try and get new clients.

And it’s not satisfying. Frankly, it sucks. The “freedom” they desire has turned into stress about how the mortgage is going to be paid, or where the next client is going to come from.

Sound familiar?

I was in that place before too, and it’s hard, because the thing we want most, is to help others. To live our best lives, to have a business that makes money, but also makes sense.

If your financial goals seem to elude you month after month, it’s probably because one of these reasons:

1) You don’t have a real business – aka one that makes a profit. In reality, you have a really expensive hobby right now, and a “come to Jesus moment” is about to happen, if it hasn’t already.

2) You find yourself considering other options, or a plan B – Your business is so unstable that when new, seemingly easy opportunities are presented, whether it be a job offer or an invite to join a network marketing company, you think about jumping ship.

3) Most of your business is based on luck – You’ve had some success and gotten some clients, but if I were to ask you how, you probably wouldn’t be able to repeat the process with ease

4) You have no real lead generation system – Outside of Facebook or Instagram, you have no real way of consistently getting new people into your business or funnel

5) You don’t know where your next client is coming from – If this is a struggle and a worry every month, you’re in trouble (see above)

6) You think FB is a business strategy – Facebook is a tool, it’s just ONE way to share your message, and market your brand, but it is not the end all be all of getting business.

7) You shrink at the thought of sales – You love sharing your message and can even get people on calls, but once you go to make the offer or ask for the sale, you fumble. Sales is the lifeblood of any business, if you don’t have this, you will continue to fall

8) You lack confidence or certainly in your offer or your sales process – People buy confidence. Therefore any lack of certainty or doubt, misalignment or energetic missteps in your offer or your sales process is a repellent to potential clients.

9) You haven’t invested at the level you’re asking people to invest – Mentors and coaches shorten the learning curve and investing at certain levels gives you integrity alignment. How can you ask someone to invest $5,000 on a coaching program when you can’t or aren’t willing to do the same?

Do any of the above sound familiar? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Sometimes it just takes on small shift to breakthrough a massive block or plateau.