If you haven’t heard about it already, my membership site, The Little Black Business Book has been a hit since I released it last summer.

Having this recurring revenue in my business month after month has been amazing. In fact, this could possibly be the main source of my income over the next year or two. (hello, creation mode!)

Today, I want to share with you exactly what I did to create an influx of new members about 6 weeks ago. In fact, I do a similar promotion like this every 6-8 weeks. (you should too!)

I was already getting a pretty steady flow of new members (about 10 per week) because of my proven sales funnel and Facebook ads (more on this later), but I wanted more.

With New Year’s coming up, I saw an OPPORTUNITY to get a bunch of new members.

So I put together a 4 day sale, or as one of my mentors Frank Kern calls – a four day cash machine.

I combined a sale, bonuses and a price increase to make a push for new customers.

The result?

In 4 days, we added 70+ new members to my membership community. 

These are people that pay month, after month, after month…

Here’s why it worked (you can swipe it for your business):

#1: People love a good sale (we tied it into New Year’s and added scarcity – a 4 day period before the price increased for 2016). You can do this for your own membership site or any evergreen product you have.

#2: People buy if you tell them WHY they should buy. Seriously, human nature makes us wait until the last minute to do anything, even with early bird pricing and bonuses- people still wait! Tell them why they need it and why they need it NOW (not later).

So instead of just saying, “Hey, this is a good deal, you should become a member,” I took a different angle.

I talked about how the content was so good and the membership was really worth a lot more than I was charging. (and that’s a fact!)

I was also redoing some things in the back end of the site and adding new elements that would make for an even better user experience.

And BECAUSE OF THAT, the price was increasing but I was offering them this one last chance to lock in the lower rate for life.

People LOVE stuff like that. They eat it up.

It’s like Victoria’s Secret’s semi-annual sale, you can get their best stuff for dirt cheap, because they need to make room for the new styles and inventory coming in.

While it is true, it’s also because if they just said, “Hey, come in for a good deal,” no one would buy.

Try it and let me know how it works out for you…

Try telling your audience WHY they should buy your program or work with you, WHY it’s a great value and WHY the time is NOW.

You might notice an increase in customers 🙂

Go get ’em, tiger.