Are you doing “all the right things,” but still have no clout, no clients and no cash?

Have you downloaded every freebie that promises to fill your pipeline with clients – but still: zip, zilch, nada?

Have you taken course after course, watched webinar after webinar, but the clients still aren’t knocking down your door?

Do you know something’s missing but just can’t put your finger on it – and feel like there MUST be some magic pill out there, something all those successful biz owners know that YOU don’t?

I was right where you are not too long ago. I felt invisible in my business.

When I started my business in 2012, and like most heart-centered entrepreneurs, I honestly believed I could change the world. But fast forward two years later, and well…let’s just say, I was NOT.

In fact, not a damn thing had happened…and I honestly had no idea why I was still struggling to bring in consistent clients and cash money. Until – finally – one day I figured it out:

I wasn’t making an impact (or an income), because no one knew who the hell I was!

I had unfortunately fallen prey to the idea that, “If you build it, they will come.” I sincerely thought I could just pop up a pretty little website or start a Facebook page and people would all of a sudden start throwing money at me. (‘Cause that would be pretty sweet, right?)

Turns out, I was SO wrong.

Now, if that sounds familiar, don’t freak. It happens to a lot of us. In fact, it’s fartoo easy to think that if we’re talented or smart or trying our “best,” that people should just flock to us because we’re awesome.



Here are 7 Reasons you aren’t as visible online as you could be

1. You’re putting all your eggs in one basket
– I see way too many online entrepreneurs who are solely using Facebook groups to hunt for clients and business. And while I do believe it’s a great place to grow organically- it certainly NOT your only option. Explore other avenues and other platforms to showcase your expertise.

2. You’re following not leading– When you’re too involved in other people’s noise, you start to lose yourself. Sometimes we get so caught up in what “so and so” is doing that we start to doubt ourselves, we want to jump on bandwagons so we can sit with the cool kids, and sometimes we even inadvertently “copy” other people. Focus on your own stuff and lead with your unique gifts.

3. You’re lurking, not posting– Maybe you’re “on” certain social media platforms, but you’re really not participating or using it to your advantage. It’s not enough to have a profile, you actually have to utilize these platforms to grow your business.

4. You’re blending in– Even if you are posting, if what you’re putting out there is too vanilla, too bland. No power, no passion, no fire. Take a stand for something, get super clear on your unique message and spread it like wildfire.

5. Your offers aren’t compelling– If you post an offer, a link or your new program and are getting little or no response, rethink what you’re putting out there. Have you created something your target market actually wants? Have you surveyed your ideal peeps. If not, go back and do the real work and create something they absolutely want and need.

6. You’re speaking to the wrong audience– Too often I see coaches and other service providers marketing to the WRONG people. I see fitness coaches promoting to business owners, marketers promoting to their competitors, and relationship coaches marketing to people who could care less about a soul mate. Make sure you are where your ideal clients are, not where they aren’t.

7. You’re not consistent
– Whatever platforms you choose (I suggest two dominant and two automated platforms) you have to be consistent- in your posting and in your messaging. Walk the talk and make sure that you fulfill your promises. Post regularly, be clear and concise with what your message is and stick with it.