The other day I wrote a Facebook post with the title “I’ve been hiding something…”

The post was raw and real and from the heart. The post got so much traction and likes, the MOST I think I’ve ever gotten on any story or business post and I’ve had a LOT of engaging posts with hundreds of likes and comments.

It goes to show you that in the online space we’re in, people care more about WHO YOU ARE, YOUR PRESENCE, and YOUR ENERGY than anything else.

And when you can captivate people in that way, you’ve won their hearts and they want to be around you. They want to be inspired by you. It’s more about impact, service and legacy than money and marketing.

Here’s part of the post that has gotten nearly 600 likes and 100 comments:

7 months ago, my entire life as I knew it was flipped on its head.

I used to work day and night, weekends and holidays. My business was my life. But when the “money mountain” was conquered, I had to go deeper.

I was being pulled to something more

My core craved something different

I fell in LOVE

My choices became very different

My priorities shifted

Who I AM evolved

I’ve been challenged like crazy.

Literally everything has changed for me. New house, new car, new relationship, new business model, new mindset.

It’s taken me quite some time to adjust and to evaluate. I needed space for personal care and to start enjoying life again. Which is why I’ve been so quiet.

But out of this silence is a new version of me. Not a changed version, not a different version, but a more evolved and conscious version. A selfless and more aware version…

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I’ll be sharing more things like this, so stay tuned for more truths, more rawness and the reality of true entrepreneur embodiment.