With the growth of business, comes a lot of changes and lot of shifts and really understanding and knowing your personal and professional policies and boundaries.

When business grows fast, it sometimes feels like you’re constantly trying to keep up with or catch up to it. I’m at a point in my business where I have an amazing support team and have solidified how I want to feel and operate my business.

I encourage you to do this early, whether you’re just starting or have been in the game a while. I wish I had done it sooner and actually committed to it.

Here are 5 things I am committed to no longer doing in my business for the rest of the year (and beyond).

Affiliates – I will be promoting two things between now and the end of the year, but they are programs that 1) I truly believe in because I have experienced them first hand and I know they work, and 2) It’s something I, myself can’t offer you- my audience- but I believe you need to get your hands on.

I don’t resonate with promoting something just to promote it and I have to either have experienced the program or the coach first hand and gotten results to introduce it to my audience.

Pro Tip: If affiliate promotions are part of your game plan, make sure that you are in full alignment with the offer before you share it with your audience.

Telesummits – Something I was being invited to almost daily last year. It slowed down a lot and I have agreed to participate in a handful of them because of relationships I’ve cultivated. But the truth is, it takes up time that I could be spending with my family and on my clients and tribe and I don’t get a whole lot out of it. I also am not keen to the “requirements” that I must promote to my list that I have spent money and hard work on to grow to a certain number just so someone else can meet their list building goals.

Joining other people’s groups – Between my paid program groups and my free groups that I run, I have over 15K people to support. I just don’t have time to hang out or play around in other people’s groups. I get invites all the time, I get tempted all the time, but I know I don’t have the bandwidth to join or participate in any other groups. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you or support you, it just means I’m capped and I need to prioritize my time on social media.

Buying any more courses – I’ve spent well over $200,000 on my education and training to be where I’m at today and I do feel like certain programs, courses and coaches got me there. I certainly couldn’t have done it alone. But at this point, I am where I will go straight to the source and get personal attention where I need it most.

Pro Tip: Courses and programs have their place, don’t get me wrong. You just have to evaluate and make sure that 1) you have the time and energy to commit to going all in with the program to ensure the best results and 2) It is what you need most right now in your biz. (don’t get distracted by shiny objects)

PLF style launches – This style of launch just doesn’t feel in alignment with how I want to operate my business. For those of you who are unfamiliar, this is essentially the 4 part video series with 50 affiliate partners to webinar launch style that a lot of big names use to create multi-million dollar launches. Do they work? I’m sure they do! But they don’t work for me. I actually hired someone earlier this year to help me with a big launch in October. But it didn’t feel right, I wasn’t excited about it, so I decided to not move forward with it.

Pro Tip: ALWAYS do what feels right, check in. And if something feels out of alignment, have enough courage to say so and change directions if necessary.

Travel without compensation – I’ve been invited to speak on several stages, some with and some without compensation. And actually, I don’t mind doing some things for free if I am in front of the right, ideal audience. However, it’s one thing to take on a free stage, it’s quite another to have to pay my own expenses, flight and meals and still not get paid for the speaking. Essentially I’m in the hole with no guarantee of ROI. I want to be recognized and booked as a paid speaker and believe my time, energy, and experience is worth being compensated for.

So there you have it! Five things I commit to no longer doing in 2017. Do any of these resonate with you? If so, leave me a comment – I’d love to read them! 🙂