I’m back!! I just moved into my new place last week and while the place is beautiful, we had a little fiasco with the internet, which left me without online access for 6 days! Phew! I had to get really creative in running my online business without the internet. I pushed through, but that was definitely interesting. Maybe someone was trying to give me a yellow light and tell me to relax and slow down.

It’s been a while since I’ve written and updated you on all the changes happening over here. And today, I want to share with you some revelations I’ve made over the last three years, growing my business from literally zero to over a million dollars in revenue.

I think these are important lessons to consider, hopefully for you sooner than later (and not the hard way, like I did). Which is why I love to share with you everything I am learning and going through as I grow this empire.

2017 is going to be an awesome year, I’m sure of it. And I know that it will be even more awesome once I implement these 5 changes. (Perhaps you can jump on board with me).

Here’s what I’m no longer doing come 2017:

1) 1:1 coaching clients – I am moving more into a consulting role for 2017. It’s been quiet some time that I realize my zone of genius is not coaching, but training, teaching and consulting AKA- I tell you exactly what to do, and you go implement it.

2) Saying yes, when I want to say no – This has been an ongoing theme from the start. I tend to set pretty good boundaries for myself, but a lot of times these get blurred. Especially when it comes to friends and peers. I find myself saying yes to things I really don’t want to do. I intend to stick to my boundaries and personal policies to create a more easy, effortless and feel good business in 2017.

3) Telesummits – I am no longer participating in telesummits in 2017. I understand the value in them, and may even host one myself later this year. However, with daily requests, it has become overwhelming and having to squeeze in interviews between my other classes and private clients has become too much. I am seeking to eliminate things that no longer serve me, and this is one of them.

4) Everything by myself – I am choosing to rely more on my team, so that I can focus more on my private clients, my groups and everything in #5. I’ve hired a launch manager for the year, someone to help me complete my book, explode my social media and help me land more speaking opportunities. With all these exciting things to come, I can’t be doing it all myself. #teamwork

5) Playing small – 2017 has some big things in the works for me, including speaking on more stages, writing a book and starting a podcast. My business has grown pretty organically over the last 3 years and I know that I am ready to take my business to the next level and reach even more people with these platforms.

I know that by implementing the changes above, I will soar in 2017 and finally have the business I always wanted.

But more importantly, I’m passionate about helping YOU create a profitable business in 2017 too.