2017 is flying by already, and I can see the emotion and overwhelm already all over my news feed. Today, I want to share with you four strategies I’ve implemented in my own business that have helped me be super successful (and they’re probably not what you think!)

Tip #1: Focus on you. It’s imperative that you stay in your own lane and keep your eyes on your own paper. What I mean by that is stop worrying about what others are doing. Too many people are too worried about what everyone else is doing. The way they are marketing, the programs they are putting out, the revenue they are making. My best advice to move forward faster: Mind Your Own Business.

Tip #2: Create don’t consume. I know it’s tempting and oh so entertaining at times. Stop watching free stuff (unless it pertains directly to what you need in your business right now). Instead, show the world you know your stuff by creating valuable content and getting it out there fast. Content creation is the key to success, just look around at the people you notice, look up to and admire- I guarantee you they produce massive amounts of valuable content, which is why you notice, look up to, and admire them.

Tip #3: Act first, think later. One of my success mottos! I live this every day in my business and with every decision I make. You need to get out of your head and actually take action. There is only so much clarity you can get by researching or “thinking” about it. Get out there and just do it.

This is especially important when you get an inspired idea to create something. If you think too much about it, you’ll usually end up talking yourself out of it and telling yourself the idea is not good enough. My inspired programs have been my most successful and profitable because I let go of the ego and created from a place of service.

Tip #4: Invest. Now, I’m not saying to break the bank. (I’ve done that so you don’t have to!), but there is a big difference between consuming free content (webinars, challenges, PDF’s, etc) and getting training and advice directly from the source. This isn’t a ploy to convince you to invest in me or anyone else, but investing in yourself helps speed up the process and shorten the learning curve.

My best advice is to understand what you need now: is it funnel help, sales training, accountability, etc. Then hire someone to help you in those areas where you are weak.

I want us all to be successful and profitable in 2017, which is why I’m always brainstorming new ways to help you achieve just that!