On Saturday, I put out an insane offer for you, my loyal followers to try out my membership site, The Little Black Business Book.

For some reason, you still haven’t joined. Maybe you’re on the fence. Maybe you’re already a part of a ton of other things. And I TOTALLY get it. Trust me, after spending upwards of six figures on my business training and mentoring myself, it’s easy to get roped in to shiny objects and on top of that, how do you even know if the content you’re getting is even good?

And that’s EXACTLY why I created the Little Black Business Book. I wanted it to be your go-to resource for online business building. Your one stop shop to get everything you need to skyrocket your visibility, your credibility and your bank account.

Still not convinced? In honor of my 35 years on this Earth. Here are 35 reasons you should join LBBB today.

  1. We have a rocking, active and engaged community of over 330 members
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  8. One word: Prizes!
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  10. Get featured as our Member of the Week to the entire community PLUS over 6,500 more in my public group
  11. Surprises by snail mail 🙂
  12. You call the shots – Your input helps me create the monthly content inside LBBB
  13. Doors are closed to the public but you have special access with this link for being such an amazing subscriber
  14. Tech made easy with step by step tutorials
  15. Downloadable worksheets to grow your business
  16. Weekly and Monthly Planners to make shit happen
  17. Visibility on fire! Get all my best visibility tips and tricks that have taken me from $0 to multiple six figures
  18. Social media savvy strategies that position you as the expert
  19. Easy list building tips that won’t break the bank
  20. Learn how to find and get more clients in your business
  21. Email marketing and funnels, oh my!
  22. Practical confidence & mindset training
  23. Learn to launch like a boss
  24. Find and book guest posts with ease
  25. Become a content machine
  26. Get my step by step 100K blueprint
  27. Step by step process to running a successful social challenge
  28. My best Instagram tips that grew my following to over 25,000!
  29. Crush your goals with crazy support and action
  30. Blog Brilliantly and amp up your writing game
  31. Step into leadership and learn how to hire your dream team
  32. Advanced Coaching Tools to make you a better coach
  33. Get your legal shite in order
  34. Learn how to book discovery sessions on demand, and finally….
  35. For less than a quarter a day, you can test drive all of the amazing content listed above PLUS an additional 50 resources to rev up your online business.

So, what are you waiting for? Join LBBB today!