This time of year always lights a fire under my booty! I get more motivated to see what I can accomplish and extra hyped about what I can make happen in the last 3 months of the year. ⁣

There have been times where my Q4 superseded all of the income I made in the previous months of the year. This is really an amazing time for business owners who are serious about upleveling, making the money they need/want, and to challenge themselves to do better. ⁣

Here are 15 ways you can add more cash to your bottom line in the next 30 days: ⁣

Year End Offer – It’s the perfect time to create a new container (whether group or 1:1) for 60-90 days to end the year. People want to end the year strong and prepare themselves for the new year. ⁣

Decide on the top outcome of your business and offer it up to your current audience! ⁣

Example: I offered a 90 Day Catalyst 1:1 program for a super no brainer price to round out the year. (I normally do only 6 and 12 month coaching options at a higher price point, so this was a steal!) ⁣

I am also working with an intimate group inside my Q4 Voxer Incubator to end the year. (You can peep the details here if you’re interested!) ⁣

Choose a focus, get creative and make your offer. ⁣

Holiday Sale – This can be any Q4 Holiday- Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years Eve, Etc. Basically any reason to have a “sale”. This can also be applied if you have a birthday in Q4. I have always have a really awesome Birthday Sale every year! ⁣

Black Friday Sale – I’m sure you’ve already started to get the emails and are seeing the ads- YES, Black Friday is coming and it could potentially be a big day/weekend for your business. I’ve personally had some awesome Black Fridays in my biz, and there have been years where I didn’t do it at all. It’s a preference and a choice for each business owner. But if you’re thinking about it, you definitely want to start prepping now. ⁣

Check in with Past Clients – Reach out to previous clients and spark a conversation. See how they are doing and if they are in need of any additional support. Now you don’t want to come off as desperate and needy- make sure you do this from a place of authenticity and only reach out to past clients you would really love to work with again. It would be helpful to have a running list of all of your previous clients and check in with them from time to time anyway (even if you aren’t selling them something)⁣

Refresh and Old Program – Do you have a program or course that was amazing, but you haven’t launched or sold it in a while. Maybe it’s a couple years old and a tad outdated (but still great information). You can do a course refresh and invite people to join you as you re-record and redo the course to update it. I did this for my Captivate course and had 40 people enroll into my “Course Revival” and did almost $20K in sales with just a few emails. ⁣

Sell Someone Else’s Stuff – Don’t have the capacity to hold space for another group or extra clients? Sign up to be an affiliate for someone else’s program or product. This can even be something like a software or physical product/planner. You would just promote someone else’s thing and make money anytime someone purchases with your link. Easy Peasy! I actually recommend my clients to have at least a few of these in place throughout the year for extra, easy cash. ⁣

4 Day Cash Machine – This is one of my favorite Cash Injections, learned from one of my mentors: The great Frank Kern! I do this 3-4 times a year as a way to thank my subscribers. I host a big sale on something (it can be anything really) for four days. Send 4-5 emails with a direct call to action- and voila! Money in the bank. The caveat is, this has to be an epic sale and something people can’t wait to get their hands on. Think: Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale of Macy’s 2 Day Sales. You get it 🙂 ⁣

Bundle Sale – Are you a crazy course and program creator like me? Do you have dozens of programs just hanging out on your back end? Bundle a few of them together and make an offer. Again, you want to make this super juicy. For example, I have my “Undeniable Bundle” with 3 of my best visibility and marketing programs: TRUTH, eXposed and The Alignment Assignment. It’s valued at $777 but I will sell it as a bundle for $297. Super steal! Make it so they can’t say no. ⁣

Incentivize Clients to Pay in Full – Do you have private clients or group/course participants that are paying you in monthly installments? Incentivize them to pay the remainder of their balance by offering a lower payment or an extra bonus. ⁣

Run a beta program – One of my all time favorite things to do and it’s a win, win for everyone! Now beta does NOT mean free. But if you are launching a course for the first time and still have some kinks to iron out, you can essentially get paid to create and perfect your course. Offer the program at a much lower investment (I usually do 1/2 or 1/4 of what it will cost) in exchange for feedback and testimonials. You create it live with clients and they get the benefits, access to you and course materials at a much lower price. * I usually also give those people access to the full course release at a later date for free for being part of my beta or what I like to refer to it as “pilot” program. ⁣

Offer VIP days – This one is pretty simple and doesn’t take much prep time. If you are solid on your expertise and what you can bring to the table for your clients- you can offer full or half day VIP sessions. This is not one of my personal favorites because my bandwidth doesn’t love long sessions, but a lot of people love it. And they could be really easy money makers for you, especially if you have a specific outcome or theme, like Q4 planning, planning out a launch or coming up with a whole year’s worth of content. ⁣

Paid Masterclass or Challenge – Gone are the days of “everything is free”- you deserve to get paid for your energy, your efforts and your expertise. This can also be a good replacement if you do not have the bandwidth or the energy to run or launch another course or program before the end of the year. Host a paid masterclass, bootcamp, mini course or challenge in the $97-$297 range. ⁣

Upsell current clients into something else– Do you have any current containers ending in then next few weeks – 30 days? How can you give your current clients a boost or an add on or a way to continue to work with you. You can create a continuity program (subscription) where they continue to get access to you for a monthly fee- or you can upsell them (if it’s fitting) to your next program, mastermind or even upgrade them to your private coaching/consulting for more hands on support. ⁣

Ask for Referrals – Simple! But a lot of people just don’t do it. Go to past clients, current clients, colleagues, peers and even mentors and let them know that you have space open for more clients. You can incentivize them with a bonus call or something else, but you certainly don’t have to. Your work and transformation should speak for itself. It never hurts to ask! ⁣

Follow Up with anyone from the last 30-60 days – Follow up with any potential client you have spoken to or that has inquired about any of your offers in the last few months. Maybe they weren’t ready then, but they could be now. This works like a charm especially if you have cultivated some sort of connection or spoke with them on the phone or had a DM conversation. This is NOT cold outreach. This can be done very simply, by just letting them know what you have. For example, I had a woman that wanted to sign up for 1:1 but it was out of her budget, so when I launched my mastermind, I just slid into her DM’s and said, “Hey I wanted to let you know about this – it might be a good option for what we talked about a couple weeks ago.” Make sure to keep this SUPER no pressure. Again you don’t want to come across as desperate or needy. Just informative. You can also say something like, “not sure if you saw this, so I wanted to send you the link” Keep it simple. ⁣

If you are excited about these options, but not sure which to choose, where to start, or even how to execute, this is exactly what I help my clients do. ⁣

This will be part of the conversation of my Q4 Voxer Incubator (I want you to make money, honey!). If you’re looking for extra support and accountability without all the fluff, massive amounts of content and all the bells and whistles, check out the details for the Voxer Incubator here.

Want more support? Inquire about my 90 day private coaching special. ⁣

I hope you save this email and apply it. You can start TODAY. ⁣

Let’s end 2022 with a BANG. ⁣