I promised I would create a post about my 2017 year and let me tell you, it was intense. I didn’t realize how much I’d accomplished this year, what wins I had, the mistakes I made and more that was uncovered as I thought about and reflected on my year.

I encourage everyone to do this. Sometimes with the hecticness of life and the craziness of running a business, we forget to celebrate and evaluate and it’s so necessary.

After doing this, I’ve decided I’m going to start doing this monthly, instead of yearly, because there is SO MUCH!

So in no particular order, here is my year in review (wins, losses, mistakes, good opportunities and everything in between!)

>> Experienced massive mistakes in hiring that set my back financially. I hired two “high end” coaches this year and after really uncovering what I really wanted in my business, I decided that I wasn’t aligned with either of them. I was able to get out of my contracts, but I lost ALOT of money in the process. (Note that this had nothing to do with them, I think they are both still pretty great, just not for me and my business style.)

>> Change in business model… finally! After almost 2 years of “trying to change”. I’ve made a commitment to really change my business model to one that serves me best, the maximizes my energy instead of drains it and that allows me to serve my audience and my clients at the highest level.

>> Traveled a lot… to Denver (3 times) Mexico, NYC multiple times and San Diego – Traveling has been a theme for me for the past 2 years and I definitely want to continue that this year with an intention to travel every other month

>> Manifested Twin Flame and in the process when through a lot of personal things that slowed me down and gave me a rough start to the year, personally. Professional, I always kept going.

>> Bought a Puppy named Keith. The cutest little cavapoo on the planet (you can check my personal instagram for lots of pics with this guy!)

>> Bought a half million dollar house, and not just any house, but my dream home, one that looks VERY similar to one that’s been on my vision board, complete with two fireplaces, stone front, unground pool and hot tub. And boy was this a stressful and humbling process. I had to save almost $100,000 in CASH in three months to buy this house and it was an interesting challenge because I have never “saved” that much money in such a short period of time. (I will be talking about this more in depth and doing a house tour really soon!)

>> Spoke on 5 stages, including Ontrapalooza, Social Media Marketing World and Reach live. This was a huge goal for me this year, and I did it. I mastered it and have some more speaking gigs lined up for this year already!

>> Launched a bunch of things (11 programs to be exact, some of them more than once!). I LOVE this. Creating and launching is so exciting to me! I love being in flow and coming up with new things and new ways to serve my audience… this is kind of my thing. I had every intention to not do this in 2018, but the truth is, I love it and it would be like cutting off an energy source if I stifled my creation.

>> Sold a bunch of things (see above!) I had some really great numbers this year! I’ve had about 1300 people buy from me. My list is about 11,500 (pretty small compared to a lot of “gurus”… which means that about 11% of my list that buys from me. Awesome, considering industry standard is between 1-3%!

>> Wrote a book. I can’t believe that I almost forgot about this. My book is finally DONE. (Thank you Josh Lisec!) I want to make sure it’s launch properly, so it will be released later this year, around March/April!

>> Changed a bunch of things in my life and business. This was a conscious effort from me to continue to be better and do better, and it’s a never ending thing. Some people fear change, I say, “bring it on!”

>> Slowed down and started prioritizing “ME” time

There was an interesting period of transformation after I moved into the new home where I was not feeling like myself, however, I was….

Still serving, still selling every single day.

>> I’m going through massive growth, expansion, soul searching that I don’t think it’s ending anytime soon!

And that’s (kinda) it!

The crazy thing is, things moved SO FAST. Things that happened in January and February literally feel like they happened YEARS ago!

2017 was a serious year of expansion professionally, but mostly personally. And I wanted to make sure I shared that.

Lots of people talk about the wins and the numbers and the opportunities (and I like to talk about that too), but I also like to share the personal stuff, the emotional rollercoasters, and the not-so glamorous parts of this. Because it’s all related. It’s all intertwined… at least it should be.

Which is why my mission is to help you create the business AND life you most desire, with a combination of mindset and authentic marketing.

So in 2018, I want to be seriously FOCUSED and infinitely PRESENT in all that I get to experience.

I’m wishing you THE VERY BEST in 2O18! It’s THE time make this YOUR year (for real).