Whew. I can’t believe it’s almost over! This year has been a ridiculous roller coaster ride. With a handful of high fives and even more eff ups. My greatest accomplishment by far was becoming a best selling author with Against The Grain.

It’s great to reflect on your accomplishments and make bogus goals for the following year. But let’s be real, you can learn a lot more from your messes than your blessings. And 9 times out of 10, your “resolutions” don’t last past January 30th (and that’s a stretch)

So instead of gloating about all the great things I did this year, I’m going to reveal my top five missed goals of 2013.

1. Finish writing and self publish my second book
2. Start my Podcast
3. Lose 20 pounds and enjoy eating healthier
4. Vacation twice a year
5. At least once a month, I try something I’ve never done before

Of course, there are some missed goals that I plan on carrying over to the new year, but as I reflect, there are definitely some that can be left behind. If it wasn’t important enough to accomplish in 365 days, then maybe my heart wasn’t in it. As we go into the new year, my hope for you is to set REALISTIC and tangible goals and as you complete them, you can add more. Don’t go overboard with pipe dreams. As you complete small steps, you will grow and you can move on to bigger things. Enjoy the journey, learn, grow and stay strong.

My Realistic Resolutions:

1. Stop saying the “F” word. I was going to make it to not curse at all, but I know that’s unrealistic. Baby steps Jenn, baby steps.

2. Blog once a week. It’s amazing how this was one of my missed goals because I LOVE to write. So, I’m resolving to focus on more things I love and less things I don’t.

3. Network, collaborate and put myself out there more. I’ve always been an introvert. I feel I do my best work alone. But the more I learn and grow, the more I realize I can learn amazing things from other people.

4. Think before I speak. I’m notorious for having diarrhea of the mouth. My outbursts always seem to have negative consequences. So this year, I’m focusing on the positive and learning how to shake, shake, shake it off.

I’m so excited to announce some new things I’m working on for 2014. I’m determined to make it the best year yet. I hope you continue to follow the journey and join me as I push limits and screw expectations.

See ya in 2014!