This article was an adaptation of ideas from my upcoming book Awesome on Purpose (coming Winter 2013)

Being awesome comes from within. You just need to discover it and let you inner bad ass out. You probably don’t know it’s there. The most awesome people aren’t even aware of their awesomeness.  But it is inside everyone, it’s just waiting for you to open that door and set it free. You rock this world, so show them who’s boss! Here are 10 things you can do to be awesome right here, right now.

Discover your talent. Everyone has a special message, your job is to find it and share it with the world. And when you find it, pursue it relentlessly. People who are “awesome” at what they do invest a lot of time getting there. Ambition is sexy. Set a goal and don’t stop until you reach it.

Have Courage: There will be doubters and naysayers, but remember the ones who say you can’t are most likely the ones who are scared you can. We’re trained from childhood to seek approval and anything outside of the norm is taboo. Toss that limited thinking to the side and start living the life you want, on your terms.

Flaunt It. You could be the most amazing write, cook or artist in the world, but you won’t inspire awe in anyone if people never see your talent. So show it off! Get people to see it! There are so many ways to display your talent and show off your stuff. The internet is a awesome place, use it to spread your message and your work, whether it’s sharing photos, blogging, writing or making silly videos on YouTube. Super easy to do and fun!

Be Bold. Explore interesting things, be daring and don’t be afraid to try new things. Be adventurous. Go scuba diving, skydiving or take a trapeze lesson. Do something that will get your heart pumping and give you a thrill. Don’t just be another bump on the log, stand out and let you light shine.

Be Authentic. Be yourself.  Don’t worry about trying to impress anyone or compete with anyone but yourself. When you’re a phony, people can smell it a mile away! Initially people may doubt you, but in due time, they’ll know your worth and want to know how you did it.

Be Kind. Have an easy going personality and don’t do anything that would be a turn-off. Be nice, kind, friendly, funny, and somewhat charming (both inside and out). Simply put, don’t be a jackass. No one likes a jackass. People don’t want to be around mean, arrogant, selfish, unfriendly people. And just as importantly, don’t forget to kind to yourself. We can be our toughest critics, it’s time to banish that way of thinking and give credit where credit is due.

Be Magnetic.  When you are living from the heart, everyone will like you. If they don’t, it’s simply because they are jealous. When you discover who you really are and you’re on the path to reaching your full potential, you will attract friends, relationships and opportunities that are in line with your life’s purpose.

Motivate and Inspire. This will not only show people how awesome you are but people will start to look up to you and see you as a role model. It’s super easy when you are focused on your special gift and sharing it. Find groups of people that share an interest. If you can’t find one, create one.  Then go out and look for other, more known groups. It’s a lot of work, but also lots of fun!

Perservere. Don’t effin quit! I’m telling you right now, THIS is the most crucial thing to remember. You know what everyone else is doing? They’re quitting, they’re giving up and this is the one thing that is going to set you apart from 99% of the people in the world. Be the one percent! Don’t just wait for things to happen, MAKE shit happen!

Forgive. Whatever happens during the day, take a moment each night to clear your mind and your heart and forgive anyone that may have caused you pain or grief during that day. You can’t be awesome if you have a heavy heart. So lighten the load, forgive and move on.