I’m writing to you today from gorgeous Colorado Springs, attending the last day of the mastermind with my speaking coach Pete Vargas.

Just a few days ago, I took the stage at his live event in front of 200 people and it was an incredible experience.

Firstly, two years ago, I had to most intense, debilitating stage fright. The thought of being in front of people (even a small group) scared the crap out of me.

This year, I decided to face my fears head on and hire a speaking coach to help me get over my fear so that I could SERVE more people. I knew this wasn’t about me. I knew that there were people that needed to hear my message and by me being a scaredy cat, I was robbing people of that experience.

Fast forward, less than a year later. I’m on stage. The biggest stage I’ve been on so far. And the stage of my very own speaking coach. Yes, he believes in me that much. Yes, he thought I was that good. All I wanted to do was make him proud. And yes, I did that!

This wasn’t by accident. It was purposeful, intentional. Whenever I invest in a coach or a program, no matter how much I invest, big or small… I have two intentions: 1) become their star student, and 2) get a return on my investment of at least 10X. BOTH of those things are my own responsibility.

Becoming the star student when I choose to work with a coach or expert has allowed me to leverage other people’s audiences, be seen as an expert, create amazing relationships with my mentors and essentially, get visible AF.

Listen, you’re spending the money anyway. You’re choosing to invest in this coach or program. You’re spending hours training, watching videos, getting on calls, implementing… so why not make the absolute MOST out of it?

This is something I’ve done over and over again. Which led me to be on several stages, which led me to be the right hand coach or my first mentor, which led me to an invite to dinner with Marie Forleo, which led to connections, deep relationships and other incredible opportunities.

AND MY students, who become star students… they reap the same rewards. We become friends. I invite them to be guests in my courses and I’ve even collaborated with some of my badass clients on programs and offers.

It’s just ONE of the ways to get visible AF online. This week, I’m going to be sharing even more ways. So you can focus and CHOOSE the visibility strategy that works for YOU.

Contrary to what others will have you think, there isn’t just one way. You can be visible without posting in FB groups a million times a week… You can be visible without doing 14 FB lives a day.

I’m sharing with you my BEST visibility strategies on day 2 of The Online Authority Blueprint Bootcamp. Here are some of the other things we are going over during the 3 day bootcamp:

Here’s the breakdown…

  • Day One: Effortless Authority Content Creation: How to Curate One Year of Authority Building Content in 90 Minutes Flat
    Wednesday, November 15th @ 3pm EST
  • Day Two: Exposed: 6 Ways to Get Visible AF Without Posting in Facebook Groups All Day Long
    Thursday, November 16th @ 6pm EST
  • Day Three: How to Monetize Your Brand Without Selling Out: The Complete Roadmap from $0-$10K months
    Friday, November 17th @ 3pm EST 

Click here to be notified when I go live, or just come on over to my FB page here and watch me live. I’ll be giving incredible information + answering all your questions.

I look forward to seeing you there!