What would you do?

What would you do if you had to come up with $100K cash in 90 days? I asked this in my Facebook group and some of the answers were astounding!

Answers like:

> Cry

> Become a stripper

> Build a pyramid scheme

> Pimp out my fiancé

> Pass Out

> Get a counterfeit machine


Wait. Whaaattt??


I wasn’t really sure if these replies were real or people were trying to be funny, but the reality is – whether it was a joke or not- most people didn’t have a damn clue how to make that happen.


Now, I’m gonna cut some slack here, because that is A LOT of cash money in a short period of time. And even in the place I’m at, that’s STILL a lot of cash money in a short amount of time.


But I actually had to do that last year when I bought my dream home. I haven’t really told this story much because there was a lot of anxiety around the whole process, but I want to show you that it’s totally possible.


I started looking for my home in June of last year and found the perfect one! But I needed to come up with 100K cash for the down payment and closing costs.


Now I have certainly booked 100K in business in a month multiple times, especially during big launch, but actual CASH in the bank was a different story.


Plus I have invested a hell of a lot into my business, between my team, advertising, hiring the best mentors, etc. so there was a lot of cash also going out each month.


Long story short, I made it happen. Not only did I save the money I needed for the house, but also enough to pay my monthly business expenses on top of that.


Here’s proof:


What did I do? I made offers, put them in from of people, showed the F up and I sold like hell!


So maybe your goal isn’t 100K in 3 months, maybe it’s 5K, 10K or 20K. The good news? The process is pretty much the same: make offers, show the F up and sell like hell.


The even better news? I can help you achieve that – whatever your goal is… and even if you hate selling.


And it’s a simple process that is REPEATABLE. Meaning, you can make that 10K, 20K or more-  over and over and over again as many times as you want.


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