The Mindset of Being Visible AF 

Being visible isn’t just about tactics and techniques. And it’s certainly not about flooding newsfeeds, doing live-streams or beating the algorithms.

What it really takes to be visible without apology is a lot more complex than that. If it was just monkey-see, monkey-do, everyone would be making millions online!

And frankly (and somewhat unfortunately) that’s just not the case. Visibility is a mindset more than it’s a strategy. You have to be bold, apologetic and committed.

If you’ve tried posting and making offers with little or not so stellar results, you may be missing one of these linchpins of visibility and influence online:

>> Mindset – You must have an unstoppable mindset, resilience and strength to make it in this online world. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you it’s easy… It’s tough out there. There’s a lot of things that can get into your mind (and ears) and start messing with your head and believing certain shit that just isn’t true. This has to become a daily practice that keep you steady and on point towards all your goals. And this doesn’t mean that nothing will ever bother you, what it means is that you are strong enough to handle that and keep going.

>> Confidence – People buy confidence. Period. The End. If you are fearful, doubtful or unsure of yourself, no matter what you do to mask it, you will appear as such. You must have an unfuckwithable confidence and presence in what you do, how you do it and the way in which you show up. Don’t believe me? Just look at the way the people you most admire show up…

>> Belief – In yourself, in your products and services, in the fact that you can actually get people results. If you have any wavering in your belief in any of those things, it will translate. People will know that you don’t really believe in what you’re doing and the won’t ever buy from you, let alone pay attention to you.

>> Attraction and Magnetism – It’s an energy thing. Your aura, your vibe, the way you show up, will determine who you attract and who shows up for you. When you are excited, purposeful, committed and dedicated to your work, people will feel that on a really deep level. Sorry, you can’t fake this. If you find yourself attracting the wrong clients, tire kickers, or people that just won’t pay for your services or respect your time, take a look in the mirror. Because the point of attraction comes from you.

>> Faith – This is a toughie. This is something that comes from deep inside that we must harness, leverage and hold onto even when it appears things aren’t working out for us. This means knowing like you know that what you are doing is on purpose and intention and WILL work, no matter what it takes or how long it takes. This means staying the course, even when things get rocky or weird.

>> Habits/Consistency/Discipline – this is where most people fall off. They might try something for a while, or sometimes just once or not since “last April” and wonder why things are working. Staying top of mind to your prospects requires consistency and consistency requires that you put daily habits and discipline in place to not only create amazing content but also so share and sell DAILY.

Those are the things that are going to drive you, that will keep you going when it appears like nothing’s working. This is what separates the rockstars from the people who keep spinning their wheels.

Facebook lives, Instagram stories, YouTube videos, guests posts, summits, podcasts, interviews:

Those are tools – ways for you to get in front of people and let people know what you do but real visibility will always start from within.

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