3 Reasons You’re Not Making Consistent Five Figure Months

Over the last few weeks, I have talked to close to 100 women about their businesses, why they aren’t reaching their goals and their struggle to get to five figure months.

You would think it would be complicated. That each person has their own unique problem or reason for where they are. But what I’ve discovered is it really only comes down to 3 things:

1. You don’t have an offer that people want (and/or your not putting that offer out there enough): The #1 problem I’ve witness is people just not making offers. They literally are not selling. Not asking people to buy. And if they are, it’s far and few between OR people just aren’t buying because the offer isn’t enticing enough

The Solution: Create an offer your audience wants. Not what YOU think they want. More often than not, those are two very different things. The offer has to be enticing and solve a real problem. Oh yeah, and actually ask people to BUY.

(I actually did a livestream on specifically why people aren’t buying your stuff. You can check it out here.)

2. You have no one to sell to: Now maybe you have a really good offer, but people aren’t buying because very simply: not enough people are seeing your offer. You have to have people to sell to. And they have to be the right people.

The Solution: Become more visible, build you audience, grow your list, and put a consistent lead generation system in place so that you are always growing your audience.

3. You’re blending in: your message is not clear or your branding/personality is not strong enough and you are getting lost in a sea of coaches and new entrepreneurs popping up every day.

 The Solution: stand for something, have a strong clear message and be consistent AF!

Making consistent five figure months is actually not that hard, and once you figure out how to make it work for you, the process is replicable and scalable. 

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