Doubled then Tripled her Monthly Income!

“I learned to show up even more as a leader and a giver and in turn, that was multiplied back to me”

That first month I almost doubled my monthly income. Since I scaled back my therapy practice to focus on my coaching biz I was only bringing in about 5-6k per month. Our first month together I brought in just under 10k!! From the moment I heard your first call I started to believe in myself even more. I have pretty high confidence after working it years ago, but I was being a little timid in my discovery calls. I knew I could change people’s lives, but would hold back in fear of sounding cocky. I really learned how to sell myself confidently and still in integrity with who I am.

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Kate Crocco

Mindset & Confidence Coach,


I needed someone to kick my butt and hold me accountable, and Jenn did just that.

In the time I worked with Jenn, I grew my Facebook group and mailing list by 2000 people – each. I made $80K in revenue and over 3/4 of that was profit. I became further known as an expert in my field. People sought me out to be a guest expert on their telesummits, to be interviewed on their podcasts, etc. AND I signed up over 500 new clients, from over 25 countries!

Jordana Jaffe

Facebook Group Strategist,

Jenn is a master at helping female entrepreneurs get visible and earn big money online. Like all the best coaches, she leads by example. Jenn has one of the most powerful, compelling voices in the online space. She connects with people’s hearts and souls, and isn’t afraid to speak the truth — which has drawn tens of thousands of people into community.

Selena Soo

Publicity and Business Strategist,

Jenn Scalia is known worldwide for her ability to get women off their asses and chasing their dreams. What they may not know is she excels at this because she lived it. I had the honor of coaching her at the beginning of her journey and watching her hustle like no one else. The result is a business she loves and that supports other women to do what she did. Since her start, I have gone to Jenn myself for coaching, membership site tips and overall support. Her genius at mindset is unparalleled. I am privileged to call her a friend and mentor.

Rebecca T. Dickson

Bullshit Slayer + Biz Profit-Maker,

Jenn Scalia is the truth! She’s my go-to colleague whenever I’m stuck in a rut, need a strategy or just want some clarity around an area in my life or business.  Her advice is always spot and her track record for helping others get results is impeccable!

Rachel Luna

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Business Confidence Coach,

Jenn’s power and influence has the force of a thousand winds and the light of a thousand suns.  She’s breathed life and conviction into my own life and the world and anyone who gets to be in her presence will be forever changed.

Maru Iabichela

Infinite Receiving & Prosperity Coach,