Before Captivate, I thought I had a business but I really didn’t. I had so much confusion that I really had no clue what to do or how to be successful.

During my time in Jenn’s Captivate program, I grew my social media accounts, created a video mini course opt-in, got a podcast and guest post opportunity, launched a 1 on 1 coaching package, and had a few discovery calls.

If you need clarity in your business you need Captivate. You will develop a rock solid mindset and fearlessly attract your ideal clients by being 100% you and doing only what feels good!


Before I took Captivate, I felt like I was at a standstill, like stuck at a plateau.

Jenn helped me to work through more money blocks to receive more income with ease. I felt inspired, acknowledged, supported and encouraged. I 3X my income during my time in the program, and the support in the community from Jenn and the group was genuinely supportive.

Jennifer Gabiola

Before Captivate, I hadn’t fully owned my niche and was lacking clarity and my message which meant not attracting my dream clients.

During the Captivate program, I made money through getting old and new clients, got the confidence I needed to be more visibile and show up for those I’m meant to serve.

If you’re thinking of joining Captivate, get ready to gain more clarity in your niche, business model, message, offers, strategies, make more money, and so much more. I’d highly recommend Captivate to my fellow entrepreneurs.

Nadjejda Chapoteau

I’ve never quite understood why nothing is working for me. This course showed me what I need and what I need to do.

During my time in Captivate, I went from $0 to $4K, 0 to 5 clients, and gained real clarity. Captivate provided me accountability. And the course is tangible; you get immediate results.

Cristin Downs

Jenn provided me with awesome ideas and direction. I am far more visible with my audience. During my time in Captivate, I launched my blog site, wrote two blogs, created and launched MailChimp campaigns to my existing clients, launched two new offers, created my first e-module series, hired a marketing intern, launched my online TV site with interviews being scheduled, and was interviewed for one Podcast and two videocasts.

Jenn is the role model of visibility, confidence, and creating meaningful content. Her in-depth level of marketing is amazing. She is able to really “hear” what is needed and provide top-level strategies. She is so genuine and kind. She is patient and understanding where people are and not expecting them to be farther along. And last but not least, she is so encouraging. You just know you can make things happen because of her belief in you.

Phyllis Reagin

I just recently joined the Captivate program and I received a LOT of insights from Module 1 that created quite a transformation in my mindset. I can’t wait to continue with the Module 2 materials! Thank you for your guidance and expertise! This program is game-changing!

Jeanne Lawrence

The Captivate program is different is that it’s forced me to go inside and start believing in myself. I’ve taken a LOT of training, but this is the only one that I think is built for results and to build a strong foundation. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or you’re further along in the process, this course will help you.

Nathalie Guerin

Before Captivate, I had confusion about why I wasn’t moving my business forward, my list was not responsive, and I wasn’t sure what to do next.

During the program, I figured out what I do and how I talk about it and how to get my list to grow/respond and how to nurture it properly. The content layout was great and I got clear about important foundation things. I got more of a following, more visible and see how to more easily create income.

No matter where you are in your business, you can take some powerful step forward with the Captivate program.

Misti Patrella

I joined Captivate because needed a jumpstart and needed to focus on taking faster action, and figure out who my ideal client really is and my message.

Captivate helped me to be more strategic in what I was doing, my mindset and how I operate my business. The program gave me more confidence with my business strategy and helped me out in areas that I needed clarity in. I was able to put many of the strategies in place right away.

Captivate is a course that you can take over and over again. The course allows you to perfect your strategy to your unique business and is full of content and not fluff bullcrap.

Alicia Henderson

During Captivate I learned that building an audience and connecting with ideal clients is all about the connection and being real. This resulted in creating a tribe of 500 and 2 new products.

If you are considering enrolling Captivate, go do it.

Gaye Moore

This course changed everything for me.

I am a health coach, and before Captivate I didn’t know how I was different, I blended in a sea of others and felt trapped in undercharging and chasing clients. I joined the course because I wanted to really stand out.

This course changed everything for me. I have total clarity on where I need to focus my attention, what content to put out and how to structure my programs. I now have a new opt in and new subscribers onto my email list, increased followers on Instagram, and my income in May was higher than the rest of the year.

If want to create a stand out brand and crush it online, Captivate is a must.

Misty Shaheen

Before Captivate, I was just starting my lifestyle coaching business. The Captivate program helped me connecting the day to day stuff to the bigger picture and how to slow down to speed up! I felt the program brought both the tactical + tapping into your intuition together seamlessly.

My results from Captivate were that I grew my following, was asked to speak on two podcasts + platforms & push forward with making things happen in my business. I have a much clearer direction and know how to speak to my people more!

Emily Bowie

Before Captivate I was touching too many “shiny objects” and all over the place. I knew I needed to get visible and make a bigger impact, but lost on where or how to even start!

Captivate helped me realize that I was focusing my time and energy on time wasters (unneeded content, “shiny objects”, etc.) and allowed me to break out and get visible and vulnerable on different platforms making a bigger impact.

During the Captivate program, Jenn overdelivered! I am 110% grateful for her wisdom, support and encouragement. I am now clear on my personal goals biz goals, and as a result, I got new clients, repeat clients and major mindset shifts and clarity.

If you are considering enrolling in Captivate, do it!!

Angela Cruz
Health & Fitness Coach

In the first month of the program, Rita had her first $6k month ever in business!
Teresa got several new clients within the first few weeks!
Pachi hit her first $10K during that 8 week period, was invited to 2 conferences, asked to be a paid keynote speaker, put together her first holiday sale in less than a week, and made several thousands in 3 days!
Samuel was able to get fast results including starting and growing his email list from scratch, launching and growing a FB group from scratch, and hosting his FIRST live training. He was able to successfully run his FIRST mini class/challenge,  was able to get over 10 testimonials, and grew his social media following and online visibility. He did all of this in just one month!
By implementing the what he learned in Captivate, Angel got her first client!
Erika had her best month in her business in 6 months, closing $7k in cash in a single week!
Lisa signed five new 1:1 coaching clients, added over 200 women to her list by launching her first ever social media challenge, and grew her Facebook group by nearly 600 additional members in only a few short weeks. Not to mention she enrolled 10 women in the pilot launch of her first-ever signature group coaching program.
Aditi had two $10K+ launches, her first 5-figure month, confidently raised her rates by 43% and created recurring and guaranteed monthly income!

Knowledge is one thing, but having the knowledge and the skills sets to successfully execute is what I was able to walk away with after taking Captivate. Jenn not only teaches you the ways on how to get your name recognized above all of the noise, she is open and available to answer any questions during the process.

If you’re looking for a coach who is humble and shares with you the real deal of what you need to do to become number one, Jenn Scalia is who you need to work with.

Courtney Daniel

Before I worked with Jenn, I wasn’t sure about how to market myself properly and was stuck on how to share my message.

Captivate changed my approach to building a business by helping me understand and gain the confidence I needed by learning to show up online.

My results from Captivate have been getting more opportunities to be visible on other people’s platform and creating my own with other entrepreneurs’ support as well. I launched my own webcast on empowering women.

If you’re thinking about joining Captivate, I’d say go for it and get ready for the world to know about you.

Nadjejda Chapoteau
Empowerment Coach

I had the biggest month in my business!

Before I worked with Jenn in Captivate, I was stuck at the same level. No matter what I did, I couldn’t break through to the next level of income in my web design and marketing business.During the program I learned how vitally important mindset is when it comes to success.

Captivate changed my approach to building a business by stepping into my authority instead of playing small. By doing that, I had the biggest month in my business. I’ve booked in 3 new high-end clients and have enrolled all 3 in a monthly retainer program for continued income, broke past that $4k wall and on track to make $6K this month!

Rita Ester

I signed up for Captivate with the intention of catapulting my business forward. It did not disappoint. I was able to go literally FROM NOTHING to starting and growing my FB group, getting clients on the phone, positioning myself as a leader in my business, and learning the fastest and most efficient ways to use my unique skills to generate income. Jenn Scalia is a powerhouse.

Before I worked with Jenn in Captivate, I was just starting out in my Confidence and Marketing Consulting business and felt lost. I was focused on too many things, I was overwhelmed, frustrated and confused.

Captivate changed my approach to building a business by giving me simple yet effective steps to start getting traction, including getting more visibility and starting and growing my email list.

In just one month, I started and grew my email list from scratch, launched and grew a FB group from scratch, able to do my FIRST live training, successfully ran my FIRST social challenge, got over 10 testimonials, and grew my social media following and online visibility.

If you’re thinking about joining Captivate you have to stop thinking about it and sign up now. You’ll get so much value from Captivate.

Samuel Ferrati

I closed $7k in cash in a single week!

Before Captivate, I was making inconsistent income, but for the most part they weren’t ideal clients and I knew that my model was unsustainable if I didn’t start thinking bigger and scaling up.

Captivate helped me realize that I was way undercharging, signed my first five-figure client shortly after the program wrapped, and submitted my first book proposal to a publisher! I was invited for podcasts and press opportunities, I had my best month in business in 6 months, closing $7k in cash in a single week, and I left feeling more confident about myself and my offerings. I no longer feel trapped or limited in my business as I did in the past.

Erika Ashley

Before Captivate, I was just another online coach without a clearly defined niche trying to make it ‘out there’. I was struggling to define what I did best and who my ideal client was.

During the Captivate program. I was able to clearly define my ‘Zone of Genius’ for the first time. Not only did I become more confident and visible in my business, but I began to attract paying clients.

Not only did I sign five new 1:1 coaching clients, but I also added over 200 women to my list by launching my first ever social media challenge, grew my Facebook group by nearly 600 additional members, I landed a paid writing gig for an online entrepreneurial magazine and enrolled 10 women in the pilot launch of my first-ever signature group coaching program.

Lisa Marie Pepe

I raised my rates by 43% and signed on multiple clients at my new rates.

As a Intuitive Marketing Strategist & Confidence Coach, I was struggling barely bringing in on average $2000/month and some months even less than $500! Before working with Jenn, I let fear and overwhelm get the best of me.

After Captivate, I raised my rates by 43% and signed on multiple clients at my new rates. I launched 3 programs within 4 months, 2 out of the 3 programs each brought in $10K in sales! Because of all the programs I launched, I now have a guaranteed income coming in of at least $1500 for the next 3-6 months.

Aditi Ramchandani

I hit my first $10K Month!

I am an alignment and business strategist for multi-passionate, high achieving entrepreneurs. Before Captivate, I had a certain level of success building my business and getting clients OFFLINE, but I was ready to tap into the online world. By the time I found Captivate I was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

Captivate changed my approach to building a business by helping me truly understand how to build relationships online with both clients and partners. Jenn over-delivered. Every week she delivered more of what I needed, in a way that is easy to understand and IMPLEMENT.
Because of Captivate, I hit my first $10K, was invited to 2 conferences and to be a paid keynote speaker, and was able to travel with my family for it. I put together my first holiday sale in less than a week and made several thousands in 3 days.

So many courses leave you more confused and lost that when you first start, but Jenn’s material is very action-oriented. You’ll be able to implement it as you learn.

Pachi McLeod