Mindset. Strategy. Support.


You want it all? Well, I’m here to tell you that you actually CAN have it all. With no apologies and no regrets.

You’re a savvy, smart woman and all you want is to be successful in your business. And damn well right you ought to be!

I was right where you are. Feeling exactly what you’re feeling RIGHT NOW. Like you’re yearning for more than just the online grind. Longing for partnerships and sisterhood. You just know there’s gotta be more to this entrepreneurship thing.

There is…

Listen, I get it. You’ve invested so much already- not just money, but time, and energy- hell, maybe even part of your sanity.

I did the same. I spent over $20,000 in my business the first 18 months. Over the last year, I’ve invested tens of thousands more up leveling to take it where it is right now.

And that’s just the money piece. I destroyed relationships, I alienated people, I pissed people off, I was a bad mom sometimes.

I let my image go to shit. I gained 50 lbs, I didn’t do my hair- hell some days I didn’t even shower.

All in the name of making my dream a reality…

But it still wasn’t enough.

There was a lot more work to be done.

Success is not fucking easy. And I know you know this- because I see it in you. I see the heart and the hustle. I see the frustration and the struggle.

You’re willing to do what it takes to make it happen- and you “think” you are. But it’s going at a turtle’s pace. You’re scared to invest even more- without knowing what the outcome will be.

But entrepreneurship is about risks. It’s completely about not knowing what’s going to happen next, and going for it anyway.

But there’s something I found out too. It’s that entrepreneurship is a lonely place. It’s that it rarely ever works when you try to go it alone.

My business BOOMED when I began to surround myself with leaders- not just “like minded women”, not just peers and online friends. But real, strong, powerful women that had a vision to take over the world and were about to let nothing get in their way.

I craved that knowledge, and to be surrounded by that strength and that power but also by the feminine, nurturing side. I wanted it all.

I know how important all these pieces are- the knowledge, support, accountability, the action, the all around badassery off having it fucking ALL!

And it’s exactly why I created my own league of extraordinary badasses. An inner circle of women who are done playing small, who are done doing the work and not seeing the results, who are done dreaming the dream and are ready to start LIVING it.

Now, I know this isn’t for everyone. And that’s okay. Because frankly, I don’t want to work with everyone. I want to work with the go getters, the risk takers, the action takers, the elite.

I only want to work with women who are willing to cut the bullshit and rise above. Who are ready to stand out from the crowd and become the expert, the leader, the fucking badass you were meant to be (+ make the cash to back it up).

Because it’s not just about what you do… it’s about who you’re BEING while you’re doing it.

Imagine being surrounded and supported not only by women who are on the same path at you, but basically having a “coach on call” whenever you need a quick pick me up, a pep talk or to bounce ideas off of whenever inspiration strikes.

Imagine having a tangible action plan to market and show up for your business… every month. Knowing exactly what to do, when and how.

Imagine working on the practical shit and getting your woo fix with psychic readings and mindset work.

Imagine getting pushed outside your comfort zone and stretched so that you can make even more of an impact on the world.

Imagine having access to advanced training that will stir your soul and make your think BIGGER.

Introducing The Inner Circle

 For women who are serious about building a strong business that lasts. 


The Inner Circle isn’t a cookie cutter program. It’s something different. Part 1:1. Part Group. Part Mastermind. All Awesome. You’ll get 1:1 biz strategy sessions with me, business alignment sessions, mindset sessions, group coaching calls and advanced mentor training sessions with 7 figure entrepreneurs

Why invest in the Inner Circle?

Because your business can’t afford to flounder any longer.

The Inner Circle truly has it all. I’ve taken a lot of programs and I’ve created a lot of programs, and there was always something missing.

Not this time…

When you join the Inner Circle, you walk away with:


– An unwavering mindset and belief that you can and will have it all- money, lifestyle, freedom and ease.

– A deep understanding of exactly what’s blocking you from having that now and a clear game plan to move past that.

– Confirmation that you are doing the work you’re meant to be doing and that you are living your true life’s purpose.

– Awareness and permission to change anything that’s not working to create a business that feels good for you.

– How to brand and position yourself as the expert in your niche so you can stand out and effortlessly attract your ideal clients.

– How to get booked for paid speaking gigs so you can share your message far and wide- and make money while you’re doing it.

– Confidence in your skills as a service provider AND a business owner.

– How to plan out your days to be most productive and what money generating activities to focus on.

– How to generate passive and ongoing income in your business so you never have to worry about where money is coming from again.

– An automated system to consistently bring in leads and sales, so you can focus on the things you actually love to do.

– How to profit from funnels and strategic email marketing.

– How to generate content like a mofo, plus how to actually get people to your website.

– Grow your business from a place of leadership and authenticity, not desperation and hype.

– How to hire the right help so that you can have more freedom, and less hustle, in your business.

– Support, accountability and an action plan to actually get done what you set out to do.

Join the Inner Circle today to get all of this and more!

What You Get?


– Ten 1:1 Strategy Sessions with Jenn

– Five Psychic Business Alignment Sessions with Amber Annette

– Five Mindset Mastery Sessions with Jennifer Scott

– Bi Weekly Group Calls for laser coaching and Q&A

– 5 Monthly Advanced Trainings with Millionaire Mentors

– Access to The Little Black Business Book for one year

– Secret Facebook Group to Connect and Collaborate

– All Inclusive Retreat in Maui


Jenn Scalia’s work is revolutionary.

No other coach is out there giving such quality content and offering invaluable support like her.

She is the real deal. Fierce, fun and full of knowledge. Since I started coaching with Jenn my confidence has soared. I truly am getting PAID. I’m at least 3 times as visible as before, had a huge launch of my authentic sales program and filled a new premium coaching program that now has a waitlist. She’s amazing and I am so grateful.

Haley Night
Life & Business Coach

While working with Jenn, I signed three 90-day clients!

Before I started working with Jenn, I was feeling uncertain and like a rookie. While working with Jenn, I signed three 90-day clients! Two of whch have become repeat clients. I also ran two groups. One filled 100%. This equated to $15,000 in my first 90ish days of business. I have more confidence and enthusiasm in my business, all thanks to Jenn!

Tara Newman
Success Coach and Business Mentor

I made $80K in revenue and over 3/4 of that was profit!

When I started working with Jenn, I was overwhelmed with all of the stuff on my to-do list. I felt scattered and frustrated that I kinda knew what I needed to do, but I still wasn’t doing it.

I needed someone to kick my butt and hold me accountable, and Jenn did just that! It was really nice to be in the energy and vibration of someone so high-achieving and driven and to have that person as my coach.

In the time I worked with Jenn, I grew my Facebook group and mailing list by 2000 people – each. I made $80K in revenue and over 3/4 of that was profit. I became futher known as an expert in my field. People sought me out to be a guest expert on their telesummits, to be interviewed on their podcasts, etc. AND I signed up over 500 new clients, from over 25 countries!

Jordana Jaffe
Facebook Group Strategist