How Would You Like To Finally Have The Lifestyle, Freedom and Finances You Deserve? 


You’re damn good at what you do

You have ambition, tenacity and balls

You know you’re meant for more (SO much more)

You’ve rocked it, done that. But you’re ready for more…

You’re ready to stop treading water and make a splash

You’ve got bigger dreams… the same old is no longer cutting it

You don’t just want a dream business, you want a dream life

You crave sisterhood, connection, support

If so…

I encourage you to read every word on this page.

Over the last three years, I’ve worked with countless rockstar entrepreneurs who have gone on to create a sustainable and profitable businesses that allow them to have the lifestyle the desire. People like:


Maru, who has crossed six figures in her business and will easily do multiple six figures this year.

Amber, who was able to quit her six figure corporate job to pursue her passion and has a wait list for her 1:1 coaching business.

Jordana, who create multiple six figures in income selling low end products and courses with big profit margins.

Maryssa, who brings in $10,000 or more every month and designs websites for the top coaches in our industry.

Kate, who doubled her income in the first month of working together and tripled it in month two.

What would it mean for you and your business if you could bring in a steady and consistent five figure income every single month?


The problem is, without the proper business and marketing systems in place, you are leaving money on the table and your reach is limited. But worse than that, you’re doing a disservice to the people who need what you have to offer and robbing them of the opportunity to work with you to change their lives.

I know you want to make a bigger impact. And my guess is that you’ve probably had some success already, but it’s not nearly what you want and definitely not close to what you know you deserve. Maybe you’ve found a few methods that have worked to get you some results, but you’ve been stuck at the same place for a while now.

You and I both know it’s time for you to explode your business, make more money and make a bigger impact, but only one of us knows exactly how to do it fast, with proven, tested strategies that actually work, not the ‘throw spaghetti at the wall’ tactics some coaches teach.



You Need:

Visibility so you can be seen by your ideal clients

Credibility to position yourself as THE go-to person in your niche

Profitability with a pipeline that consistently brings in highly qualified leads

Sustainability with proven systems and processes to eliminate burnout

This is my specialty.


I work with women leaders who are done trying to do it all themselves and know they need high level support and guidance to do it right and do it fast. You’re looking for someone who knows their stuff and can execute a plan that works for your market quickly.

Imagine what’s possible if you have the right systems in place, the right support and know the EXACT steps to implement to reach your business and financial goals.

I am giving 50 entrepreneurs the opportunity to work with me closely for 12 months, where we will make sure you are in full alignment with your business and your vision, show you how to attract your ideal clients and tribe, and how to deliberately create the business and freedom you desire.

I know you don’t just need more “stuff” or “content” or “information”. That’s why I created the Inner Circle. A place where you can get:

– Accountability to get things done

– Focused on the right things to do In your business

– Incentives (aka contests and prizes) to fire you up and keep you motivated

– Exclusive access to Yours Truly

The Inner Circle focuses on the three foundations of successful online business: Mindset, Marketing and Mentorship.

You are not just another number or statistic. I truly believe with the right mindset, marketing and support, you can accomplish anything. Just three years ago, I was a broke single mom with over $60K in debt. I was able to turn things around by implementing what I’m about to share with you…

Here’s what I know about why you’re not where you want to be in your business… (yet):

  • You don’t have the right support
  • You’re taking advice from the wrong people
  • You don’t have a strategic plan
  • You’re wasting time on the wrong tasks
  • You’re trying to do it all on your own
  • You don’t have the accountability to actually do what you set out to do
  • You don’t have stability- you’re busy jumping from shiny object to shiny object
  • You’re all over the place and lack focus on the things you actually need to be doing in your business

You need support- a tribe of people who believe and encourage you. This isn’t just about the strategies (although you’ll get those too). This is a safe, tight knit group (more like a club), where you get to:

– Ask me anything

– Get support when you have a bad day

– Get advice on how to deal with client issues

– Collaborate with other entrepreneurs & more!

I’ve spent multiple six figures on my growth, training and mentorship, so you don’t have to. Focus, accountability and support took me from making $35K in my first year of business to over $500K the next. I doubled it again last year and plan to double my revenues year after year.

I want to share all of the knowledge and training I have gained through all the things and mentors I’ve invested in. Introducing…

A 12 Month Mastermind For Breakout Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready To Change The World

This is not a free-for-all. This is an exclusive club for people who are truly ready to stop spinning their wheels and get real traction in their business. This is for leaders who know they are meant to be doing so much more, and who want personal support to get there.

You get my best content and strategies to implement in your business right away. You get support to help you navigate the tough parts of business. You will gain clarity and insights from your fellow inner circle members.

Not only will you get access to me for systems and strategy, but you will also get my best advice on mindset and leadership to take your business to a whole new level, and special guest experts who are the best of the best at what they do.



Passive and Recurring revenue streams

Membership or group business models

Funnel creation & strategy

Marketing & launch strategies

Tools for outsourcing and building a team to support you

 Money and Mindset Mastery

 Magnetic Messaging & Expert Positioning

 Irresistible Offers Your Perfect Clients Can’t Say No To

 Confidence in Sales and Leadership

 Visibility and Publicity Strategy

 PLUS much more!

In the Inner Circle, we focus on the two crucial elements needed to be successful (and happy) in business:


The Inner Circle was created to help you navigate your business with:

Confidence, Courage & Peace of Mind

Become a Member of My Inner Circle and Get Access To:

  • My processes
  • My swipe files
  • My resources and contacts
  • Behind the scenes of a 7 figure business
  • My best business advice and mindset strategies
  • Peer reviews of content, landing pages and marketing materials
  • Quick cash tips and advice from a 7 figure business owner
  • On demand actionable strategies from someone who’s been there



– SOS email support from Jenn

– Access to my team for technical questions


12 Months of support and accountability

Monthly accountability/support calls

Private FB group to ask me anything

Weekly Quick Bite Trainings (10 minutes, no long drawn out trainings that you’ll never watch anyway)

Monthly Guest Expert Q&A (and I know some pretty badass individuals!)

 Weekly dares & Monthly action challenges with prizes

  Free access to The Little Black Business Book for one year 

All access pass to all of my programs and courses (under $1000- does not include 1:1 coaching, events or masterminds) 


Investment: ONLY $1997 (for the entire year!)


I’m excited to help you skyrocket your business and have you as a part of my Inner Circle.

Never question or doubt yourself again with proven strategies, ongoing support and guidance. If you’re ready to start a revolution, fill your programs and serve more people, then the Inner Circle is for you.


However, I have to be extremely clear when I say that the Inner Circle is not for everyone. This is only for those who:



  • Know that NOW is the time for them to be playing a bigger game and transforming even more lives (yours included)
  • Have a desire to be positioned as the go to person in your niche skyrocketing your credibility, authority and ability to magnetize the perfect clients to you.
  • Have a service based business that is already making money and you are in motion (meaning, you generate income monthly and have clients)
  • Must know who you serve and how you serve them (this program is not for those who only have an idea and do not have a business yet.
  • Want to double, triple or 10x your current income all while powerfully impacting even more lives every single day.


This is not for you if:



  • You’re not willing to change or be challenged to do something differently
  • You’re an excuse maker and blame others for why you’re not where you desire to me
  • You don’t have a business yet
  • You’re not sure about your niche, who you serve or how you serve them

With the help of the Inner Circle, I want you to break molds- not the bank.

When you’re in the Inner Circle, I won’t let you fail.

I will be implementing accountability tools and weekly activities to make sure you are involved and engaged.

The investment is just $40 a week for a full year of support and accountability from one of the best in the industry. That’s less than $6 a day.

If you’re not willing to invest a cup of coffee into growing your business, then you may not be cut out for successful entrepreneurship. But if you’ve gotten this far, I KNOW that’s not you.

Investment: ONLY $1997 (for the entire year!)


I’m excited to help you skyrocket your business and have you as a part of my Inner Circle.

I made $80K in revenue

In the time I worked with Jenn, I grew my Facebook group and mailing list by 2000 people – each. I made $80K in revenue and over 3/4 of that was profit. I became further known as an expert in my field. People sought me out to be a guest expert on their telesummits, to be interviewed on their podcasts, etc. AND I signed up over 500 new clients, from over 25 countries!

Jordana Jaffe – Facebook Group Strategist

Jenn Scalia’s work is revolutionary.

No other coach is out there giving such quality content and offering invaluable support like her.She is the real deal. Fierce, fun and full of knowledge. Since I started coaching with Jenn my confidence has soared. I truly am getting PAID. I’m at least 3 times as visible as before, had a huge launch of my authentic sales program and filled a new premium coaching program that now has a waitlist. She’s amazing and I am so grateful.

Haley Night– Life & Business Coach

Investment: ONLY $1997 (for the entire year!)

I’m excited to help you skyrocket your business and have you as a part of my Inner Circle.