Help Wanted

help wanted

(We’re growing!)

Jenn Scalia is ready to bring on a new team member.

Hi it’s Jenn! And I have some pretty exciting news to share with you.

Business is booming and I’m looking for a fun, dynamic, and results-oriented enrollment coach to join my team immediately.  

This person will have the opportunity to:

  • Work with me up-close and personal
  • Get the total behind-the-scenes view of how I run my multi-six figure business (This is unprecedented access that not even my high level clients get to see!)  
  • Learn my kick-ass sales and business-building formula that skyrocketed my business past 6 figures
  • Be a part of a team of incredible, dynamite, intelligent people who are flat-out awesome human beings (and who are dedicated to delivering excellence)
  • Contribute his/her creative ideas to our marketing, sales and business-building strategies
  • Have incredible (up to five figure+) monthly earnings potential, limited only by his/her level of motivation (Seriously this isn’t a pie in the sky offer I’ve created a solid business that is always drawing in new clients)
  • Thousands of dollars of sales training with one of the best teachers in the industry (She will equip you with the sales ninja skills to close like crazy!)
  • Supplement your current income with an additional revenue stream

Here’s what this person needs to have:

  • PROVEN experience in the solopreneur and online business market
  • A go getter attitude and the ambition to make shit happen for themselves
  • A seriously positive attitude based in a foundation of conscious awareness and abundance mindset
  • A strong desire to help small business owners play a much bigger game (and break through their subconscious blocks to get there)
  • A shared commitment to the philosophy and the big “why” behind what I do as a business owner (check out my story here to get a full picture of my WHY –
  • The ability to effectively operate independently with minimal hand holding — and take full ownership for his/her results. (Including tracking your efforts and regular team check in’s)
  • Willingness to learn my signature system and how to apply it effectively
  • The flexibility to commit at least 5+ hours per week in support of my expanding line of offerings

Is that you? Or do you know someone who fits the bill?

If so, here’s what you need to do:

To explore these opportunities further, here are the exact “Next Steps” to take: Send an email to, by or before Feb 5th at 5pm EST with the subject Enroll ME including the following info:

  1. Please take time to visit the company website then (create a 2-3 min video) sharing the following:
    1. Why have you applied for this position? (Be as SPECIFIC as possible)
    2. Why do you think you’d be a success in this position?
    3. What do you have to offer that aligns with fulfilling the position?
    4. What attracts you to Jenn and her way of doing business?
    5. Available start date and what you expect to get out of this working relationship

My team and I will personally review submissions as they arrive. Please know, there is no need to follow up on your application, my team will reach out to YOU with next steps if we feel there is a match to move forward.

P.S. I almost forgot to mention. This position is NOT for you, if you’re opposed to:

  • Unlimited earnings potential through commission-based compensation
  • Picking up the phone and walking warm leads through the proven enrollment process
  • Continuous personal growth and improvement (in yourself)

I look forward to receiving your application!