The Lab

Do you have an idea (or several) that you just can’t seem to get out of your head and into the world?

Hate it when you come up with the “best idea ever” only to find out it’s already being done?

Do you find yourself procrastinating day after day while everyone else around you is making it rain?

Wish you could come up with a way to monetize your talents and wrap it up with a pretty little bow?

Introducing Make it Happen: The $10K Lab

Where we take you from idea to action to create your $10K program in 30 days.

What we cover:
– Brainstorm service or program
– Design the perfect package
– Marketing techniques that will make you say hmmm (but that actually work!)
– Unconventional launch strategies – including my (non) launch tactics
– Building relationships and follow up strategies to presell your program with ease
– Turning your sales page into a love letter that will have your dream clients falling in love with you
– How to match your services with the right price to help you get to $10K fast

What you get:
– Pre-work Questionnaire
– Three 45 minute action calls
– One implementation week
– Unlimited email access for 30 days
– Program summary and promo schedule

PLUS, you’ll get my insider secrets and the exact steps I used to create two $10K+ programs in two months without a single dollar in Facebook ads. I’m spilling all the beans- from my unconventional marketing and social media techniques, to my no launch strategies and how I even sold out one of these programs without a sales page.

Let’s make it happen.

Introductory price: $997

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