Because one measly client a month isn’t enough to fund your dream trip to Bali.

You’re a brilliant coach or service provider, but shit’s just not happening the way you imagined.

You’re spending money faster than you can make it and are counting on that one course, or that one program to skyrocket your success.

it’s not going to happen.

You need visibility, support and strategy.
You need to turn off the noise so you focus on building YOUR empire and finally live the lifestyle you crave.

• Ditch the doubts and build an unwavering confidence in who you are and how you serve others.

• Learn the beautiful art of client attraction, how to change your mindset to get what you want + simple strategies for building a tribe of people who can’t wait to work with you.

• Have systems in place to streamline your business so you can make more money and finally live the lifestyle you got into this for.

• Turn fantasy into reality and create the life and business you’ve always dreamed about.

• Become more vulnerable, visible and confident in your business.

You make more money
. You attract clients vs. hunting them down
. You get more known for what you do and be sought out as an expert in your field
. You feel confident telling ANYONE what you do vs. hiding it
. You stop spinning wheels & wasting time and money on non-ideal clients
. You quit doing things that won’t get you results without being visible. 
You own your value and worth so you can confidently charge more and receive what you want
. You stop stressing about money and instead go on vacation with the ones you love

When you work with me, you develop a fierce devotion to yourself, first and foremost.

And once you’ve said yes to yourself, all of your circumstances will transform or drop away to match your new reality.

What we cover in our time together:

••Get clear what who you are, who you serve and WHY

••Learn how to shut off the noise and stop comparing yourself to other coaches

••Identify your true desires and what makes you happy and fulfilled in your business and life

••Learn how to set healthy boundaries with clients and yourself

••Learn your role in the lives of others and how you best serve your clients

••Gain confidence and clarity and become a magnetic, inspiring, limitless coach who is adored by clients and colleagues alike

••Have complete clarity and alignment with who you are and what you do

Because you’ve done the training and set up the foundation of your business, but know you have deeper work to do in order to feel confidently visible to those that need what you have.

All the knowledge, skills and even the funnels won’t make a difference to your bottom line if you aren’t being seen by your ideal clients.

Check out the ways we can work together below.


One-on-one, business + mindset coaching experience for women entrepreneurs on the brink of blowing up. Make more money, get more clients and start living the lifestyle you crave. It’s a dynamic, empowering experience that truly has everything you need to create your own six figure coaching business.

Are you ready to up-level your business, be seen + make the money you are meant to?

Jenn is not accepting 1:1 applications at this time, please check out the Momentum Mastermind.


Monthly Membership for Rock Star Entrepreneurs
This is your little black book of stream-lined, six-figure-flattering ways to get the answers you need from the experts who provide toe-curling, game-changing info Google couldn’t find.
It’s the best of the best in your back pocket. No more holy shit or F this shit. Just you, strutting toward success because you have it all and make shit (that you care about) happen with amazing resources at your finger tips.

Because your business is way too awesome to crowd source on Facebook.


Exclusive mastermind only for women who are ready to stand out from the crowd and be the expert, the leader, the woman you were meant to be (+ make the cash to back it up).
Be surrounded and supported not only by women who are on the same path at you, but basically having a “coach on call”, ACCESS TO MILLIONAIRE MENTORS AND MORE!
Get a tangible action plan to market and show up for your business… every month. Knowing exactly what to do, when and how so that you can make even more of an impact on the world.