What if you could build a profitable, sustainable & (in)credible online business without selling your soul or jumping from program to program…

Just because you don’t have $1000 to spend on Facebook ads does not mean you can’t grow your list like a weed…

Just because you don’t have 24 hours day to spend on social media does not mean you can’t become a visibility rockstar…

Just because you haven’t been doing this as long as your counterparts, doesn’t mean you can’t blow them out of the water…

What if...

you knew the EXACT steps to take to build a successful online business without running around in circles like your pants are on fire?

you could end your shiny object obsession once and for all and create a business you love that feels good (and turns a profit!)

Well you're in luck!

The online business resource that helps you build authority status, get raving fans and clients and monetize your brand…

in one fell swoop.

I know what you’re thinking…

If going from digital nobody to online celebrity is THIS easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?

If this is the resource that I need, why do people keep telling me to join their two thousand dollar program in order to get real results?

And I also know why you might believe the hype:

You’ve found an entrepreneurial group on Facebook, and the it seemed like it would hug your boss lady curves, so you posted (enter question here), only to be trampled by half-assed or ass-backwards responses. And they didn’t come from the person whose derriere looked so great anyway.

Or you Googled how to create an online marketing funnel and spent hours sifting through 600 pages of nonsense that made absolutely no sense.

And therein my darling lies the REAL problem

Seeking out business advice on social media is a hot painful waste of time & precious energy.

It’s like asking your dermatologist for dental work. Both of them being doctors doesn’t mean they can answer medical questions outside of their expertise.

Or asking your hairstylist for a bikini wax (she works with hair but not THOSE hairs)

Entrepreneurs? Well, they also have their own kind of special…

The worst part? There are people online who are purposely perpetuating the myth that online business is hard and requires you to sell your left kidney

“THEY” want you to stay stuck, confused and lost… because that’s how they make their millions.

But you can flip them the bird (not to their face, but to the screen…we are all about manners here)

If You:

• Are sick of the confusion and endless searching that seems synonymous with starting your own business, I’ve got news for you: Building your unique-to-you and sexy-as-hell business doesn’t have to feel like a seek-and-find.

• Want to break free from all the monotony and negativity you find in your Facebook newsfeed.

• Want real answers from real experts who actually know how to grow a successful business online

• Want to know what to do in your business that’s actually going to move it forward…

The Little Black Business Book

is the answer to your silent fervent prayers…

Because your talent is way too awesome to stay hidden behind your Macbook Pro…

Because your message is too damn impactful for no one to hear…

Because your deserve to make a great living doing what your love too!

LBBB is perfect for

you if you’re:

Starting a new biz or have an existing one in need of serious direction

Itching to be an inspiring leader but feel invisible in the online space

Dreaming about unlimited income potential doing what you LOVE

Ready to drop kick corporate politics and bitch slap that 9-5

Fantasizing of making an impact and melting faces with your talents, passions, and skills

The go-to visibility strategist who turns online business wallflowers into badass, brazen business babes who shine.

I work with talented womenpreneurs who want nothing more than a full client roster, cushy bank account and fan club of devoted followers – but consistently let fears, doubts and insecurities stop them from putting themselves in the spotlight and making that money.

But things weren’t always this pretty and profitable.

Let’s rewind a few years…

I was right where you are. Overwhelmed by options and turned off by disappointing content. I tried way too many unproven, amateur success strategies, and let’s face it: it’s pretty damn hard to create something magic when you’re drowning in bullshit.

But imagine for a moment, carrying access to business advice from the best of the best coaches in the industry so you don’t have to second guess yourself every time a new shiny object appears.

Imagine knowing you had the power to create a business you love, with the right guidance and support, and without having to burn oils at midnight. (unless you like that sort of thing)

This imaginary place?
It’s real.

And it’s where we end your perpetual search.

50+ hands on step by step trainings are waiting for you… and all it takes is a click of button to get access.

Here is a small sampling of what’s there waiting:

  • Continuity Rocks- Membership Site Training
  • How to Run a Successful Social Challenge
  • Discovery Calls on Demand Master Class
  • List Building Tips that Won’t Break the Bank
  • 31 Day Content Creation Challenge
  • Confidence and Mindset Master Classes
  • Weekly and Monthly Success Planners
  • Your $100K Road Map Webinar
  • Program/Course Development Worksheets
  • How to Build Instant Authority Online

But that’s not all…

Each month that you remain a member, you get access to:

One new monthly masterclass training with Jenn

One new monthly training with Guest Expert

One live Q&A Call each month + weekly Office Hours

Monthly action challenges

Guest expert training on everything from social media, branding, FB ads and sales calls to productivity and self care

Access to a library of over 100 resources including guest interviews, worksheets, checklists, audio trainings, bonus videos + more!

Why you can’t afford not to join
The Little Black Business Book:

So you can stop having to dig through shit to find the a measly quarter karat.

So you can stand out and be seen as an authority…even in massive Facebook groups

And so you can stop beating yourself up for not having the all answers or knowing the next steps.

So you can ditch the all-nighters Googling marketing techniques, unsure whether your headache is from the cabernet or head-banging the desk in defeat.

The Little Black Business Book will show you how to get visible, get noticed, and get paid.
The best part? It can be yours for less than what you spend on your monthly manicure.

Upcoming Master Classes

May 2016

Erica Lee Strauss

Crushworthy Sales Copy

June 2016

Rachel Rouhana

Visual Marketing

So far being a member for two weeks and following just a few of Jenn’s social media tips and taking her challenge; I’ve made $13,000! The information and the quality of community in LBBB is priceless!”

– Maryanne Elizabeth

The LBBB is worth millions to any entrepreneur who wants to grow her business. Besides the value and abundance of trainings, it’s the coolest place to hang out online. You can’t afford NOT to join!”

– Maddie Penko

Not only did Jenn kick my butt into gear and help me start putting myself out there, she made it fun. My list grew by 33% with no paid advertising as a direct result of the things I implemented during the course. I put on my first Instagram challenge and started offering mini sessions, which increased my leads for potential clients. I have also been able to redirect my focus and work in an area I’m really excited about! It is definitely worth the investment + some.

TaVona Boggs – Bizz Mentor & Strategist

Jenn gave me the steps to really put myself out there. I booked 4 new clients, had 150 people signed up in my free 7 day branding challenge, 500+ people sign up for my ebook, grew my private Facebook group for 12 to 300+ members, and I am gaining more visibility in Facebook groups as a branding expert.

Minling Chuang – Brand Strategist & Coach


I’ve reinvented the little black book, making something hoorah out of the faux pas. Ladies, you won’t find a disappointing name or resource in here. It’s the last list you’ll need before you blow up your online business.

I’ve curated the best of the best. I’ve eliminated all the fluff. Not to mention, I’ve made all the mistakes, did all the testing and invested tens of thousands of dollars in education and training, so you don’t have to.


ALL SALES FINAL. You can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing support {at} jennscalia {dot} com

Frequently Asked Questions

    How is this different from other membership programs?

    LBBB is a content powerhouse. We curate the best of the best experts to teach you step by step how to show up online, build brand authority and profit. We also have an extremely active and engaged community, and actually get things done with our monthly action challenges. We also promote our members through Market Mondays and our Member of the Week Feature.

    How do I cancel?

    Email our team at support@jennscalia.com and we’ll take care of it right away. *Please allow 72 hours before your payment date to make sure your card does not get charged. My team is amazing, but they do not work 24/7 or on holidays.

    Can I freeze my subscription?

    We do allow a 30-day “pause” for special circumstances. If you need this please contact Courtney at: support@jennscalia.com and she will give you next steps.

    Can I pay quarterly/ annually?

    Yes. LBBB has a quarterly option, which saves you approximately a month’s fee and a yearly option that saves you two months.

    Do you offer refunds?

    There are no refunds, but you can cancel anytime.

    How do you choose your guest experts?

    Guest experts are carefully and curated and selected by who we think are the industry leaders and who have proven their own success in business and in their area of expertise.

    How do you choose what topic to include in monthly class?

    Great question! We are very mindful to include what’s hot or what’s happening now in the online industry. We also poll members monthly on what topics they would enjoy, so that we are giving you what you want

    Do you offer 1:1 support?

    There is a live Q&A group call once a month, and Jenn is extremely active in the group answering any questions in the Office Hour thread within LBBB. Jenn also works with an extremely limited number of clients in her Mastermind program. Click here to apply.