Hi, I’m Jenn Scalia,

-the no-bs, go-to business mentor and visibility strategist who turns online business wallflowers into badass, brazen business babes who shine.

Want the bursting client roster?

How about the exploding bank account?

Or the fan club of ride-or-die followers?

Then you’ve got one choice: Get over your shit and start putting yourself out there. Period.

If you truly want to connect, create and crush it online, you’ve gotta drop the bullshit excuses – the fears, doubts and insecurities – and start doing what’s uncomfortable.

Every. Single. Day

Here’s the deal:

Today, most people know me as the six-figure-earning online superstar who rose from the great abyss of online business seemingly overnight.

But let’s be real:

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, or an entrepreneur by her Facebook feed.

Truth is: I’ve been RIGHT where you are.
I was completely invisible the first 18 months of my business. I had no clients and no money.

But when I took a magnifying glass to find out what was really up, it turned out it wasn’t my lack of business savvy or know-how keeping me stuck and small and seriouslyunderpaid.

My insecurities and lack of confidence in other areas of my life had seeped into my entrepreneurial journey. And they were slowly strangling my dreams to an early death. in life, I was terrified people wouldn’t like me. In business, my empty client docket was all the confirmation I needed. In life, I was constantly sizing myself up against others and never felt good enough. Ditto in business – I wandered around with a head swimming with thoughts that I wasn’t smart or “trained” enough. In life, I’m an introvert with a low tolerance for human interaction. And in business, well, this wasn’t exactly an asset.

So for over a year, I sat crumpled and (almost) silent behind my laptop. I never asked for business. I rarely told anyone what I did. I was a major perfectionist and procrastinator. Hell, I didn’t even list my coaching packages on my website!
I was nervous, I was scared. And consequently, I was broke. as. fuck.

So, how’d I snap out of it?

I hit rock bottom in 2014 – I wasn’t just cash-strapped and struggling in my business, I’d also lost Mr. Right, packed on a metric ton of weight and begrudgingly had to shack up with my parents just to skid by.

(And in case I forgot to mention, I have a little boy who was watching all of this go down.)

I knew that wasn’t cool. This was not the kind of person – or parent – I wanted to be.

So…it was either I wiggle into my big girl panties, face my own shit and break out from behind my laptop – or risk my little boy’s safety and security (and my independence).
So I got to work – sucker-punching my doubts, bitch-slapping my insecurities and giving a big fat middle fuck-you finger to my fears – and started showing up consistently.

I posted in Facebook groups like it was my job (because, well, it kinda was).

I busted out content like a mad woman (because, well, I kinda was).

And every time a niggling doubt or negative thought started to creep in, I shut it down. FAST.

And as a result?

I careened from flatlined to regular five figure months…in less than a year.

I paid off thousands of dollars in debt.

I pull in multiple G’s a month without batting an eyelash.

And those clients I was oh-so-desperate for in the early days? They come searching for me, and practically beg to get their hands on my products and services.

But the best part is that my baby boy has one hell of a role model.
So no – it did NOT happen overnight. And no – it did NOT happen without putting in some SERIOUS work. But it did happen A TON FASTER than I could have ever imagined.

And seriously – if I can do it – I know you can, too.

Yep. I started from the bottom, now I’m here (Yeah, I just totally quoted Drake) – and I believe it’s your time to join me in the ranks, beautiful.