Extremely Limited: This Special Private Event will be shut down after the Limited 5 Spots are taken…

If You Have a Course, Workshop, High Ticket Mastermind or Membership Site You Want To Launch In The First Half of 2018,  I’m Ready To Work With You To Create Your Irresistible Offer, Write Kick Ass Sales Copy, Set Up Your Facebook Ads and Plan Your Feel Good Launch Strategy…  

Give Me Two Days and I’ll Personally Help You Go Create a Kick Ass Program Your Ideal Clients Will Love and then Develop Your Copy and Launch Strategy So You Can Launch Like a Boss, Even If Your Launches have Bombed In The Past…

Interested? Keep reading for the details of the event…


You get step by step action items direct from me on program creation, promotion, copy, your unique positioning so you know exactly how to present and talk about your offer so your ideal clients are hungry to buy it. 

You get my help to laser in on your compelling signature offer plus my personal feedback and advice on your “unique” client getting strategy (aka how you’re going to market your offer) and how to implement it, even if you’ve struggled with what to do before. 

You get my process of going from $0 to over $2,000, 000 in sales with my mindset hacks and wealth and abundance actions that you MUST master leading up to and throughout your launch, even if you’ve struggled with money blocks or failed launches in the past 

Create Captivating Copy for your program including sales copy, emails, social media posts and Facebook ad copy so don’t feel like a sleazy slimeball when you start promoting your thing 

Set Up and Create your Facebook Ads inside of power editor, so all you have to do is flick the switch when you’re ready to launch 

–  Define Your Unique Client Getting System with direct feedback from me on your strategy and helping you personally by providing training, direction and guidance to rock your launch. 

Complete Program Launch Plan that suits your unique personality and style. Will nail down dates and schedule all your launch actions, to make sure you’re on target and maintain momentum so you hit your launch goals. You’ll know exactly what to do, when to post and what to send week by week during your entire prelaunch, launch and post launch. 

– ASK ME ANYTHING: I’m here for you the entire weekend. My private clients know I’m an open book. I don’t hold anything back, so I don’t expect you to. This is your opportunity to get into my brain and find out what works and what doesn’t. 


– The event will take place in my home in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. It is approx. 15-20 minutes from the PHL airport, which is a very easy airport to fly in and out of.  *You will have to book your own hotel or AirBnb to stay in. 

– The event will be very small and intimate, 5 people max. 

– The event will take place Saturday and Sunday March 24th & 25th. (I will have another one in May or early June when the weather is a little nicer, but the price will be double)

– It will be a working, implementation workshop– meaning you will walk away with your program CREATED (or remastered if you already have one), your ads set up and DONE, copy for your launch (including sales page, emails, social media posts and ad copy) DONE, and your launch calendar DONE and SCHEDULED.

– Again you get me by your side to create a custom creation and launch strategy for your unique product or service to ensure your launches aren’t running on “lucky” anymore…so you have a legit launch plan and not something you’ve swiped from watching other people launch their stuff. 


You get me working with you plus my VERY best tools and strategies that I’ve used to grow my business from zero to over $2,000,000 in revenue in the last three  years.  If you want raving fans, leads, and a predictable way to launch and sell your program, then this intimate workshop is for you. 

BTW, this is NOT cookie cutter. I believe in doing business YOUR way. During those two days, we’ll be all about hustle with flow and strengths based strategy.  

AND I’ve got some Bonuses for you if you join within the next 48 hours. 

As a Bonus For Taking Fast Action: 

$500 OFF the sale price of $2500 for a total of a $2000 investment. The next 2 day workshop will be ($5000). 

–  Private 1:1 Session before the workshop to get clarity so we can dive right in when you get here. 

***You must message me to get coupon code for $500 off <– 

The investment for the two day workshop is $2500 for this round only. (next round will be $5K). This includes lunch and light snacks both days. 


1) Who is this for?

– You want to launch an online program or course in 2nd quarter of 2018

– You want to create recurring revenue in your business with a membership site, subscription program, or evergreen DIY courses.

– You have an existing program that isn’t selling or converting well 

– You want to develop, sell and launch a high ticket mastermind ($10k+) 

– You want to evergreen a course so you can make money while you sleep 

2) Who is this not for?

– You don’t have a business yet or haven’t had any clients

– You do not have a website or landing page 

– You don’t have a specific program or course you want to launch in 2018 

3) Will I Get any 1:1 Time with Jenn?

The workshop will be small and intimate, so you will get plenty of 1:1 time with Jenn in an intimate setting. The workshop is kept small so each person gets the attention and feedback they desire and deserve. 

PLUS, if you sign up within 48 hours of inquiring about the event, you will get a bonus 1:1 session with Jenn before the workshop so you can hit the ground running when you get here

4) What can I realistically expect to accomplish in that two days? 

Depending on where you’re starting, how far you’ve come with your idea and your current marketing assets will depend on how fast you get things done this week. The workshop is designed to have your program designed and laid out with exactly what you need to have in your modules so all you have to do is go home and record your video or audio modules. That will be done on day one along with some mindset work and goal setting to get you started on the right foot. 

The 2nd day, we will be creating all your copy (sales page, emails, social media posts, and ad copy), setting up your ads in Facebook ads manager (so all you have to do is flick a switch when you’re ready to launch), and have your unique 6-8 week, week by week launch plan to get your offer out into the world. 

These assets you can keep forever! They are completely yours. You can take them and use them over and over again for other launches or even tweak them for other products or services you may have. 

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