What if I told you you could double, triple or 10X your income just by being you and doing more of what you like and less of what you don’t?


What if I told you that your mind is the most powerful business (and life) strategy on the planet if you knew just how to make it work FOR you instead of against you?

Over the last two years, I’ve been able to grow by leaps and bounds. The transformation was fast and inspiring. I have been able to create (seemingly out of thin air) everything I want in life, love, and business…

After seeing my success and swift transformation, I have tons of people who want to know “How’d you do it?”

They’re inspired and want to know more.

And many of those same people want to know “what do I have to DO?”

But I think that the more important question is: who do I have to BE?

There’s so much more to success online, in business and in life. It’s not about the tactics and what you have to DO. It’s about magnetizing the right people, opportunities and clients to you by BEING who you are.

I’m excited to bring you something different and a fresh take on what it takes to up level in all areas of your life, and how to experience and overabundance of cash flow, opportunities, connections, miracles and more.

what i’ve discovered is that it’s more about being than it ever is about doing…

Because the truth is, it doesn’t really matter what you DO if you can’t identify with the person who actually HAS IT.

This is precisely why 70% of lottery winners end up going bankrupt

And why more than 90% of all Internet business start-ups end in failure within the first 120 days.


And it’s also why..

You can bring money into your business, but you sure as hell don’t keep it


You can’t seem to call in the right people, and you end up saying yes to non-ideal clients just because you need the money


You find yourself giving discounts, or way undercharging in the first place

It’s because you don’t actually believe you deserve it,

because if you did right now- you would have it.


You’re looking for the outside solution, the quick fix, the magic pill, with complete disregard to the fact that this is an inside job.

You have yet to unleash wealth from within.

So I’m taking a break from teaching the marketing strategies and tactics to share with you the REAL key to my success.

This is the most essential piece to making anything and everything happen for you in every single area of your life.

The best part is, once you know the secret and you live it, things can change faster than a speeding bullet.

I have literally no real concept of time or space. Things don’t take long, they aren’t a struggle, and nothing is hard.

It’s a concept I CHOOSE to believe. And because I make a conscious choice to believe that, everything comes to me with ease.

I want to show you how to step into that next version of yourself, so you can actually call in the very desires you think are so far away.


I invite you to join me on a 40 day journey in my new program Wealth from Within.

This is something that has been brewing in the background for quite some time and it’s finally ready to be unleashed. I was always waiting for the right time, for some kinds of sign and this is it.

After seeing a wave of negativity, failure, blame and defeat all over my newsfeed And the more people I see struggle and not make shit happen, even though they are doing all the “right things”, the more I realize how IMPORTANT this work is. 

Wealth from Within is about shifting your mind into the best version of yourself so you can attract anything and everything you want into your life instantly.


Wealth from Within is a 40 day immersive experience, where each day I will share a lesson and walk you through the process of shedding your old layers to become the best level version of yourself.

Each day you will receive a short (10 minutes or less) audio. Daily lessons will be delivered via email.

wealth from within is based on 7 core themes:


Doing LESS while Being MORE – How to Stop Trying and Start Being.

Letting go of control- Knowing that just because it needs to be done, doesn’t mean YOU have to do it.  

Ease, flow and allowing

Who you have to BE to reach the level of success you desire and Stepping into the identity of the future (next level) you

Defining your own version of success

Discovering your strengths and your path to create fearless flow in your business

How to harness 100% clarity in your business and life


Releasing people, projects, programs, and possessions  that no longer serve you 

Emotional Alchemy: transforming guilt, shame and resentment

Eliminatating the shoulds in business and in life

The Breakthrough Blueprint

And what to do when life interrupts your business flow


Harnessing the “practical magic gene” to experience and create what most of the world would call a miracle.

Develop solid expectation and experience, I like to call “fluke proof magic”

Magnetizing your desires to you and normalizing them

How to stop getting mixed results and let the Universe know you’re serious

The YES Method that allows things to flow easily to you

The FAST Formula to getting what you want when you want it


Becoming Unbreakable and being unstoppable

Having confidence and courage as your Spiritual DNA

Unleashing the leader within and becoming the leader of your life

Daily success habits including gratitude on steroids, and creating a success schedule to open up for creative flow

The Art of not giving a fuck


Trusting your gut and intuition more

How to eliminate procrastination

Making swift and powerful choices because Money loves speed 

Operating In alignment with your purpose

How inspired action and creation will make you rich

The real cost of staying small and broke


Creating space, time and energy for all that’s important to you

Designing a whole life that feels good and works for you

Finding your perfect personal percentages and creating harmony not balance 

The Fantasy Framework which gives you the permission to think bigger

Navigating the energetic hustle without burning out


Being the mirror for all that you want

Using your story to leverage your success with magnetic storytelling

Leveraging your transparency and authenticity

Shifting your environment to attract high vibe opportunities

How to literally get paid to be you



If any of this speaks to you on any level at all, or if you resonated with any of the words on this page, then click the button below to join us now. 

Fortune favors the bold and money loves speed. I love to reward quick decision makers and people who know what they want. 


I want to take you on a journey into transforming yourself into the woman you need to become to welcome thousands of dollars, dozens of customers and hundreds of new connections into your business. 

Wow Jenn Scalia you really are a mind reader. Thank you for my bonus affirmations. You are so connected it’s unreal. Everything you said is true i have been blocking this. I feel like you really get me and understand exactly what has been going on for me. I am releasing all this self doubt and worry.
Minnie von Mallinckrodt-Grant

Get 40 Days of Wealth Hacks and Insights

Maybe fame and fortune is  your jam, maybe freedom and family are. Whatever it is you want from your business and your life… you’re allowed to have it all.

In Wealth from Within, you will walk away with the skills to: 


Attract ideas, opportunities and clients into your business


Rewire the beliefs that are keeping you stuck in the same patterns 


Call in ANYTHING you want in life, just by operating on the same frequency as that thing, including CASH, relationships, weight loss, homes and more 


Have the solutions and strategies you need literally land in your lap 


Celebrate even the smallest wins to gain the biggest momentum


Recognize how truly badass you really are


Shed the shit (people, things, tasks,etc) that are keeping you on the level you’re at 


Make huge leaps to the things you are wanting to attract


Catch yourself and switch your thinking on the spot 


OWN abundance an wealth from within and forever 

I couldn’t be more ecstatic about bringing you the real keys to success. Beyond the marketing and the tactics.


In Wealth from Within I’m going to show you how to flip the beliefs that you have to work hard and struggle to be successful and that you can’t have it all. Because you can, and FAST. 

Incredible! This program has been absolutely amazing. I feel like I’m a whole new person, owning up to who I was meant to be. Last month I had a goal of making $15k, I made $14k and this month it seems I’m going to be close to $20k.

But, way beyond money, I feel like a completely different person. Like I blossomed into who I was always meant to be. I’m not going to lie, the first 2 weeks were REALLY hard. I cried soooo much. But, I pushed through and I feel like a huge shift has happened specially in the last 2 weeks. I have done lots of programs before, but I think having the daily support from your audios walking us through everything made it really different. I feel amazing!! Thank you!!

Fabi Paolini-Benavides

Get 40 Days of Wealth Hacks and Insights

A final note from Jenn… 

Every day I talk with friends, peers and clients who are all secretly experiencing the same thing. 

They are getting glimpses of burnout and finding it harder and harder to do the things they need to do.

This shows up by attracting the wrong people, or getting hit with something unexpected like a program that feels like a total hit but actually is a dud, or having to fire a client (or having good clients cancel).

They are having to rely on discipline and willpower instead of being inspired and in flow.

They say “Yes” to things they don’t want to say yes to and don’t trust  themselves in decisions.

They worry that they will never make enough to get off the hamster wheel and relax into simplicity and sustainable growth.

They are a “silent survivor” who is outwardly successful but inside feels shame about the money they’ve invested in their business and who feels guilt around not being there for their family and friends.

They know there has to be something more, and realize that they must step out of who they THINK they are supposed to be and INTO  who they REALLY ARE.

There is fear and uncertainty around TRUE success. There is guilt or shame around their story, that part of their journey that hasn’t been shared yet for fear of being truly and fully seen.

Wealth from Within is for the entrepreneur who wants MORE, no matter what stage you’re in. It’s my battle cry to women everywhere who are sick of always doing and are ready to feel what it’s like to BE the woman they always wanted to be. 

Ready for real transformation? Click below and ENROLL NOW. 

WOW! What an AMAZING journey! 40 Days already… I can’t believe it!

This program was perfect. I have had so many aha’s and new awarenesses.

By day 37, a LIGHT BULB WENT ON!!! I was like holy shit…

I get it!!! I totally get it!!!


I wish you could have been a fly on the wall to see my face light up!

I do feel that I have transformed during these last 40 days and I am so excited to implement all that I have learned and allow myself to be paid by being me!

This was an awesome investment!

I am so grateful I joined your program… You ROCK!

Daleen Pinder

Get 40 Days of Wealth Hacks and Insights 

Flip the beliefs that you have to work hard and struggle to be successful and that you can’t have it all.

Because you can, and FAST.