Because of the fast pace and unpredictability of this entire year…. Maybe you haven’t quite reached your goals, or maybe you’ve created new ones along the way that you’re ready to smash.

If you’re anything like me, and I have to assume you are if you’re reading this right now, you want to kick the second half 2021 into high gear with incredible momentum and top notch guidance along the way…

I’ve put together something that is sure to knock your socks off and get you where you want to be FAST. 

There is no curriculum or set “lessons”, just full on coaching, accountability and hustle to achieve what you want by the end of the year – Our aim: Consistent Five Figure Months.

My clients get results. And they get them fast.

My client, Melody – was charging $500 a month for coaching. She bumped her prices up to $5000 and has been selling her new packages like hotcakes! Just imagine what would happen if you increased your fees by 10X and could sell it confidently…

My other client Anne, was stuck at around 10K per month, in just a few weeks of working together, she was able to double that and have her first $21K month! 

And Christine, well she’s a rockstar. She just told me she has her best month ever in business!

I only have a very limited number of spots available to join me in the Level Up Lab – because I want to keep this a small intimate group where everyone gets the attention and support they desire and deserve

THE $10K+ LAB: 10 Weeks to Five Figure Months on Repeat 

This program is designed to help you make $10K+++ over and over and over again as many times as you want.

Here’s *some* of what we will cover:

1. Your Vision/Goals/Mindset – Exactly how to get there (plan/strategy)

2. Lead Generation AKA finding people to buy from you

3. Redefining and upleveling who you are, your brand + who you are calling in

4. Your feel good marketing method (when you work with me you will NEVER do anything you don’t want to do)

5. Creating excitement around your brand/offers that make people reach out to you

6. Your aligned and easy to execute offer and how to put it out there

7. Selling with ease and flow + the art of selling every day without the sleaze

8. Daily habits/rituals/nurture and keep momentum going

9. Magnetizing your ideal clients with your unique persona and stories

10. Making Money on Repeat (no feast and famine!)

11. Staying in Flow and locking in the vision

12. Create offers like clockwork that your ideal clients can’t say no to

13. The 10X mindset and I have created multiple five figure months (some six figure) every month for the last SIXTY+ months.

 The Nuts & Bolts:

• 10 weeks intimate group coaching

• Daily accountability in group (M-F)

• Live Q&A Strategy Calls every week (recorded if you can’t make it)

• Weekly Flow – step by step processes (you’ll know exactly what to do and when)

Personalized plan to rock out the 10 weeks

• Bonus weekly mindset makeover livestreams to keep your head in check (that means 2 calls a week, 20 calls over the 10 weeks)

• Mindset & Manifestation Blueprint (my personal secret weapon to getting EVERYTHING I want in life and biz)

There are no long, drawn out trainings, workbooks to fill out, or hours of video to watch. This is full on coaching, accountability and hustle to achieve what you want by the end of the year

Spots are extremely limited! There are some serious bonuses to pay in full and a pretty much risk-free guarantee. 

BONUS: Register before May 1, 2021 and get a 1:1 call with Jenna to kick off the 10 week program

This is a no-brainer for someone who is ready to skyrocket their income and transform their business FAST.

This is ideal for someone who:

>> Is bold and unapologetic (or wants to be!)

>> Is good at what you do – just not enough people know about you

>> Has a message that needs to be heard

>> Is tired of seeing everyone else around you killing it and you’re ready for your turn

>> Is ready to double, triple or 10X your income by the end of the year

>> Knows the right combination of mindset and strategy will get you there

>> Is willing to go all in for the next 10 weeks to get results – NO EXCUSES

And who wants to:

• Create a membership or subscription program

• Is launching a program or course in the next 2-4 months  

• Wants to create a sold-out high ticket mastermind or group program

• Wants to rock the remainder of 2021 and guarantee your goals are smashed

** One caveat: You must have an already existing business and audience (even if it’s small) OR willing to invest a small budget into creating an audience to sell to

This is not right for you if:

• You don’t have a business yet or only have an “idea”

• You do not have a website or some way for people to connect with you online

• You don’t have any specific goals for what you want to achieve

If you’re ready to stop treading lightly and instead, make a splash, jump in on the Level Up Lab and start making five figure months your new normal!

Click continue to read dozens of case studies and results from previous $10K Lab students…

Here’s what some others had to say about working with me:

You caused me to Level Up in just a few weeks. My energy level and Mind Set has been unstoppable. I signed 6 contracts in the past 10 days and have many more in the works…I attribute that to you…how my mind changed very powerfully. I went from $5-15K months to $20-25K months! – Wes


I am LOVING this program and the space you hold and your book and your energy! I don’t even know how I found you but I signed up for this program without knowing much at all about you 🙂 SO glad I did, this is really moving the needle in the ways I needed. – Anne


I can honestly hand on my heart say out of every single person I met in my travels from the online world you have by far surpassed all my expectations of what excellence means. – Kris


When I started working with Jenn I was already in the middle of a launch. She effortlessly mapped out the remainder of my sales emails with me and helped with new strategies that made it my best launch. Jenn is a mindset ninja who effortlessly walks the fine line between supporting her clients and pushing them out of her comfort zones. – Maya


I hired Jenn to help me scale and streamline my business and grow my team. Not only did help me create a much simpler and more profitable business plan for the next 6 months, but she recommended incredible people that have now become key members of my team. She truly cares and goes above and beyond for her clients. I am now positioned to double my revenue this year while working less and having more fun! – Lana


Jenn helped me get into total alignment with where I want to go with my business and I just had my first $21k month! But more than that, I’ve got clarity and consistent habits in place that are simplifying my business, making it all even more fun and easy, doing more of what I really love. I’ve worked with plenty of business coaches in the past but Jenn has helped me get results more than anyone. She’s a kickass mindset coach — the real deal. – Anne


I’ve worked with a lot of coaches and been in a lot of programs and oh, my God. In an hour Jenn found ALL the holes in my last campaign including positioning, branding, marketing possibilities, webinar positioning, and more – I have pages and pages of notes that perfectly hit the nail on the head as to the missing pieces of my launch.

IN a world where it’s easy to be super skeptical (believe me, I’m the #1 cynic in the online entrepreneur space) – Jenn’s brain, insights, and laser – eye X-Ray vision are truly top notch and worth every penny. None of the S.O.S. I’ve heard from other coaches. If you have ANY opportunity to work with her in any capacity, JUST. DO. IT – JJ


This program was exactly what I needed to set me up for the year.

It did a number of things. First it gave me the kick up the butt and accountability to get the ball rolling, take action and gain momentum.

Secondly it was structured so I knew exactly what my game plan was and what to do next. Thirdly the other people in the group were fab. I found it invaluable to be able to check on my thoughts and ideas with a high vibe group of entrepreneurs who were also working on having their best year ever.

Finally it was simple. I cant cope with overwhelm and in every single program I have taken with Jenn she keeps it refreshingly simple which I love.

I had one of the best months ever in my business. All of this was done with a brand new offer and starting from zero as due to some personal circumstances. Based on this investment alone I did 58x my investment!!

It’s allowed me to expand my own thinking of what is possible for me this year and I have attracted high quality clients and high ticket deals to work on for the rest of the year. I’m a very happy lady!!! – Minnie