Welcome To The World of Monetizing Your DMs! ??

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Monetize Your Inbox with Jenna Faith and Ali Gardner
It's 2022

It’s time to turn up and elevate the way we connect with our audience.

We are taking a classic system using email and combining with it a cutting edge tool called a messenger bot ? ?

This combination is an EPIC opportunity to monetize things that already happening in your business and turn your DMs into a MONEY-MAKING MACHINE!


Raving FANS
Boosted SALES





Shocking results


We’re are excited to teach and guide you through monetizing your inbox, creating engagement on your social media platforms, and growing your audience in a fun authentic and powerful way!

Are you ready for this??


Monetize Your Inbox

A 7 week interactive DONE WITH YOU program that will walk you step by step in creating the most profitable funnels and bots in your business.


    • Complete with real life examples and scripts
    • Fill in the blank templates
    • Step-By-Step repeatable processes

For Every. Single. Opt-In and Offer you implement in your business!



So many people moved their current business or moved to online business as a result of the pandemic. Marketing yourself now requires creating a presence that makes you stand out above everyone else.

Forget traditional funnels, sign-up pages and basic boring ads. Together we are going to create cool a$$ sh!t that makes you look SO Boss. ?


A lot of people say that they don’t care about the numbers… but all we do all day is check likes, views and comments.

If you had 1000 people following you instead of 100 or 10,000 instead of 1000 how do you think that would impact your profits? And out of those 1000 people, if 50% of people engaged instead of 2% how do you think that would impact your revenues?

The RIGHT engagement DOES matter.

It’s time to flood your DM’s with people who want to pay you and

turn your followers and subscribers into clients and customers

Jenna Faith Million Dollar Business and Mindset Coach

We are in the age of technology.

1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger alone


1 billion users on Instagram.

So why not meet your people where they are with our leading edge marketing experiences??

It’s time to make the path of least resistance for our audience.

Easy engagement + easy automation = BOSS vibes in your DMs.

Boss vibes in your inbox
Monetize Your Inbox in a FUN way

? These systems will set you up to get all of your magic to your audience effortlessly.

This profitable list building system is an art form. Your imagination is the limit for the type of experiences you can create in messenger.

You can’t do this in any other way. It’s literally like magic.

? Using our creativity and strategy you’ll turn the empty abyss of your inbox into a magical portal for your audience!

It’s new-ish! Messenger bots have been around since 2017 but big players are using it now.

You still have an epic opportunity to implement as an early adopter.

? No one is leveraging these tools in this way. Let us help you make your biz look top tier!

You’ll position yourself as an expert in your industry. You’ll get to show off your expertise in fabulous style

to make people ask “how did she do that??”

Plus, most people are using these tools in a really boring, linear way.

We are going to show you how to knock the socks of your people in your DMs.

Create a business that's profitable and fun

TRUTH IS; If you want a profitable business…

You need systems and processes in place to consistently bring in new leads and clients.

In our business, the implementation of these interactive marketing experiences has translated to…


It’s likely that you already have some emails and sequences in place for your business, but if those emails don’t position you for profit, it’s a failing formula.

There’s a lot you have to know about your customer, where they are in their life/business and you have to use that information to provide the right information to the right person at the right time. That’s how you turn a profit.

The problem is, most people don’t understand what’s going on for their prospects when they sign up for your list, and they end up making offers too early, or the wrong offers.

This results in no sales, or worse: unsubscribes.

The Four Pillars of Messenger Marketing:


The Message Hub

Your bot is an extension of everything you say, offer and share. We use the Interactive Business Card to make sure we don’t miss any potential leads and conversations.

Interactive Messenger Menus:  Messenger menus in Facebook and Instagram. That have all of your current offers, lead magnets and relevant info in your business.


List Building

We leverage content you already make and engagement that already happens in order to build your list fast using easy bot and ad funnels.

Engagement Ads: Turn your Facebook and Instagram posts, stories and more into easy ads. Turn your audiences engagement into an effortless lead building system.



We use the power of 70-80% rates in messenger to amplify your visibility with online events in your business through bot event message hacks.

EVENT BOT: For live challenges, webinars, online events. The event bot is a system to keep audience members engaged throughout the live event process.



We curate interesting experiences in your bot effortlessly building trust and rapport while creating a list of raving fans.

Video Lead Magnet Course: Create a 3, 4 or 5 video mini course inside messenger. Use this as a lead magnet in your ads and on your socials to get your audience engaged and interacting in messenger.


Try out our fun bot experience!

Want An Example Of What We’re Talking About?

This program is like nothing else. You can even

Choose Your Adventure!

Lead Magnet Magic

The initial sequence a new prospect goes through, where they essential decide if they want to stay in your world or not. Whether you already have a lead magnet or need to create a new one… we’ll show you how to leverage and profit from it.

Automated Cash Machine

Designed to create quick income when you want to cash in on a sale, holiday special or one time offer. Create an easy 3-4 day flash sale complete with templates and swipes! You can repeat this process whenever you want or need a cash injection in your business.

Lucrative Launch Experience

This is the mother of all funnels, you must get this right if you want to sell out your programs. Hype, prime and sell to your audience in a way that is unique, aligned and stands out! Plus with the added automation, you can launch without burning out. 

Challenge Conversion Kit

You want to do a challenge, but it’s gotta be profitable. This will create an ongoing epic experience throughout the entire challenge, including keeping your subscribers engaged during the event + BUYING when the challenge is over.

Masterclass Monetization

Get your audience excited about an upcoming masterclass, webinar or event.  Know exactly what messages to send when, how many and to who—  Complete with indoctrination sequence to make sure they show up LIVE!

Aligned Application

If you’re a coach or service provider who does sales calls or enrolls through an application, this one is for you! Fill your inbox with QUALIFIED prospects with follow on messages that have them getting on the call ready to say YES!


A Unique-to-You Interactive Marketing Experience 

Nurture and excite your audience so they were primed and ready to buy anything from you, at all times – all on autopilot.

One Complete Email Funnel to deploy for your lead magnet, challenge, masterclass product launch or quiz!

Including templates and swipes. Know exactly what to do when you get a new subscriber, How to make sure they stay on your list, engage AND look forward to your next email, whether you email daily or weekly.

One Complete Automated, Creative and uniquely YOU Bot Experience.

How to get these leads for the low, low. How to get your bot subscribers to make micro commitments, and then move them to your email list and other social medias and offers.

Interactive Marketing Menu Implemented Into Your Messenger Experience

Create an Interactive Business Card to make sure you don’t miss any potential leads and conversations coming to your FB or IG biz pages.These messenger menus have all of your current offers, lead magnets and relevant info in your business. 

On the Spot Marketing Consulting and Creative Brainstorming

As a Done-With-You program, we will be by your side, walking you step by step through each system. We meet weekly and take ACTION. By the time we are done, you will have a complete email funnel and messenger bot system that you can deploy in your business right away.

1 Hour Bonus Call with Ali



A 60 Minute Creative Strategy session with Ali!

During this creative brainstorming session Ali will create 3-5 unique marketing ideas for your business and a plan to execute them during the call.

(Value $333)

Bonus 4 Day Cash Machine Training


First 10 Enrollees Only!

Get access to my 20 day visibility intensive: eXposed! Get known for the work you do in the world with next-level visibility strategies to skyrocket your exposure without being on social media 24/7

(Value $999)

Bonus Quiz Training


List Build and Profit With Quizzes!

Learn how to build, launch and implement a profitable quiz for your business, while creating a fun interactive experience for your audience. Plus this is the perfect way to segment your list and put the right offer in front of the right person so they are more compelled to buy

(Value $197)

Real life testimonials from the high achieving women in the program

“Best course I’ve ever taken!

I made money from my first information product and booked five out of five strategy calls!”


Real client testimonials
Real life testimonials from the high achieving women in the program

“I never thought I would ever say this but I am loving loving emailing, marketing and playing with my email list. So much fun and its thanks to Jenna Faith. Steadily growing my list and even the list building is fun. Check out anything she does/offers on email marketing. It’s deliciously good, practical and comprehensive.”


Real client testimonials
Real life testimonials from the high achieving women in the program

“I made an extra $2600 in product sales.

In four days.

This course is worth every cent.”


Real client testimonials


When does the program start?

Class starts on February 1st.

I'm kind of busy right now... Will there be a next round?

Of course! This program is near and dear to our hearts and our mission to get more money in the hands of more women. Please note however, that the next round’s investment will be significantly higher. (almost double- and still worth every penny)

What tools or systems will I need to implement these processes?

Just ManyChat (there is a free version) and your regular email service provider. 

This sounds awesome, but seems a little complicated- should I still join?

The beauty of this program is that we are doing all of the creative brainstorming and implementation WITH YOU. We will be by your side, walking you step by step through each system. By the time we are done, you will have a complete email funnel and messenger bot system that you can deploy in your business right away.

What if I don't have a list, or a very small audience?

No problem! One of the core pillars of our system is list building. We will teach you how to grow your audience in an easy and aligned way. You can do this organically, or through our Engamgent Ads process (recommeneded).

I'm not that creative. I can never come up with cool ideas for my business marketing...

That’s exactly what we’re here for! During our time together, we will be creatively brainstorming all these ideas with you! Between Jenna’s decade of experience selling coaching and courses + Ali’s rockstar creative brain… you will walk away feeling like the coolest kid on the block. If you want even more, I suggset being one of the first five to pay in full so you can get the 60 minute session with Ali.  



$$$$ In Value!


3 Payments of $649

$$$$ In Value! Seriously.

Want All Of This Done FOR YOU?

Instead of building it all yourself? ?

We’ve got an option for that too!

What if you could consistently bring in new leads, qualified prospects and new clients into your business…on demand?

Ali Gardner; messaging bots master

Imagine Having…

  • Most of your social media and marketing runs on autopilot so you don’t have to spend 24/7 posting on all the platforms.
  • New leads coming into your pipeline day in and day out through a cool, interactive and unique experience.
  • Feast & famine no longer exists and you never worry about where the next client or customer is coming from.
  • Starting your weekends early, going on vacation and taking days off social media without losing momentum.
  • A working system in place that PAYS YOU MONTH AFTER MONTH without fail!
Jenna Faith Imagine this

This is all possible with the right systems and experiences in place.

Mastering and implementing all of these tools can be confusing, but we’re here to save the day!

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Million Dollar Mindset and Business Coach Jenna Faith

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