A powerful and energetic marketing, mindset and manifesting experience to show up more confidently, create more wealth and attract the success you desire.

Hey sis, you know it and I know it… you are meant for more. 

Let’s just be honest. The level that you’re playing on is nowhere near where you want and deserve to be.

You’ve had glimpses of success, and maybe even some big ones, but life, personal shit and maybe even burnout have gotten in the way. You may have even shrunk yourself to appease others in your life.

And if I’m being completely transparent, I’ve done the same.  

I’m just letting you know up front that I know exactly where you’re at. 

I know the thoughts, the feelings, the doubts, the fears… just as well as I know the bullshit, the excuses, and the half-hearted attempts at going “ALL IN”.

It’s like some unwritten rule of the online space, or stepping into that public figure role: you gotta show up, you have to hustle your face off, you’ve gotta jump on the next strategy or tactic that some “guru” claims to be the end all be all, and just as you’re starting to understand it, everything changes and there’s a new, shiny thing pulling at your purse strings. 

But listen sis, your power actually has NOTHING to do this with any of that. Not the new marketing techniques, or the launch method or the 365 day content planner. And once you realize this… you will be set free. 

That freedom you seek: the financial freedom, the lifestyle, the ease- doesn’t come from how you market your business, but rather, how you show up for yourself. 

See, freedom, wealth, success, security, safety, power – don’t come from outside sources. It always has and always will, come from within. 

You are responsible for the outcome of your life. You make conscious (and unconscious) choices every day that put you in a certain direction.

What if you knew how to control the direction?

What if you could make a beeline straight to the desired goal? 

Whether it be the business you want, the body you want, the finances you want or the relationship you want. 

What if you literally got to pick and choose what you wanted and didn’t want, when it came to your clients, the amount of money people paid you and the opportunities that opened up for you simply just because you are you.  

Everything you want, is on the other side of a choice, a decision and a commitment made by YOU. 

And see, this can be a good thing – a really, really good thing. Or this can be a bad thing, a very, very bad thing. 

More on this in a bit… 

So, let’s go back to being honest.

You want more. And it’s okay to admit that. But so far, your actions and your outcomes haven’t been up to par with what you KNOW you are capable of. Hear me loud and clear on this: You were not made to be broke. You were also not made to be average or mediocre, but for some reason, you’ve been playing in that space for far too long. 

Seeing her (and her!) soar right by you with her success, with her six figure launches, with her XYZ months, that trigger the fuck out of you, but if we keep rolling with the theme of honesty… you want that too. 

You want that AND more.

And you’re stuck here wondering why her and not you. 

What is she doing that you aren’t? 

What opportunities does she have that you don’t? 

What course did she take, what coach did she work with, maybe she is running Facebook ads or ugh, maybe it’s not even true and it’s all a sham…

Let’s pick you back up from the rabbit hole. This ain’t about “her” either.


And it ain’t about any external factors or circumstances…are you ready to lift up the hood and look within? 

You, my dear, are a force. You were put on this planet to make a difference You have a purpose. You have a voice. And it’s meant to be heard and shared with millions. And this hiding, and playing small *ish, isn’t cutting it. You know that, I know that, and frankly, everyone around you knows that too. 

The reason you aren’t where you want to be right now, today, is simply because you haven’t made that choice. 

You haven’t made going all in, making millions and impacting the world a non-negotiable. 

You’ve let the little voices inside your head, your ego, your fear, your doubt and other people get the best of you. So you find “other things” to do, you busy yourself with the not real work, with the surface level bullshit, with the noise.

It’s time to step into the version of yourself that you were always meant to be. Your God given purpose is to create change, to impact the world and to make a shit ton of money doing it. 

And the reason that there is so much internal turmoil, confusion, resistance and in turn, non movement, is because you have been filtering this, pushing it down, keeping it caged, when it wants to be UNLEASHED!

It’s time. It’s so time right now, in this moment to DECIDE

So which is it?

Become the woman you always were meant to be? Or, to continue to envy the woman who has already CHOSEN?

And believe me, this is a smackdown to myself more than anyone else. 

I am not judging.

I‘m just letting you know that you do in fact have a choice. 

You get to decide the direction of your life. 

You get to decide how much money comes into your life and how much impact and opportunity you get to have. 

And let’s not forget about peace, about ease, about the security of knowing that you and your family are fully taken care of no matter what. 

Imagine what life would be life to not have to pinch your pennies, worry about money non-stop and say no to the things you really want to say yes to.

Imagine...making decisions simply because it’s what you want (or don’t want) not because of what’s in your bank account.

Imagine...being so aligned and in flow with your business that it does not feel like work and you almost can’t believe that you get PAID to do this every day

Imagine...feeling like a fucking rockstar every morning and impacting thousands of people with your God-given gift and STILL being able to vacation, spend time with your family and do the things you want to do without being chained to your phone or lap top.

It’s all possible. And it’s possible now. 




A powerful and energetic marketing, mindset and manifesting experience to show up more confidently, create more wealth and attract the success you desire.


Work with me for 6 weeks to embody your next level income, power, visibility and impact and start making the money you know you deserve.


Who this is for…

If you’re a coach, consultant, creative, artist, healer, teacher, messenger, speaker or author who is finally ready to command the income you not only desire but know you deserve, this experience will give you the tools and strategies to step powerfully into the next level version of yourself.

And more importantly…

If you already know that the tactics, funnels, and webinars just won’t work until you have a foundation that is solid and rooted in mindset, leadership and success habits, and you are ready to do the real work – this is going to be a game changer for your life and business.

In Meant for Millions, I share my magic formula for 10xing your income in months (not years) without selling out, selling yourself short or selling with sleaze. I show you how to step into your power and command better, receive more and realize just how worthy and deserving you are of having it ALL.

What’s Inside…

We dive head on into something that most coaching and business programs don’t: your money. I’m talking, what’s coming in, what’s going out, your money habits, what is actually needed (not just what you’re settling for), increasing your money set points and really getting you to a place where you can be open to receive the amounts your truly desire.

Let’s face it: wealth is more about who you BE than what you DO. During this week, you will learn to instill the success habits of millionaires- who they be, how they act, how they make decisions, who they hire, how they show up- all of it. You will create your own unique roadmap to millions, by implementing and sticking to- daily, weekly and monthly success habits that create momentum and cash money!


There’s a reason why “so and so” can do a webinar and make five figures with ease and why every time you do one, it’s a total dud. There’s a reason why “so and so” has a 6% conversion rate on her sales page and you have a whopping zero-point-five percent. It’s the energy baby. And being so aligned with your offer that it just can’t NOT work. I share my business and launch formulas so that your marketing is a success no matter what the algorithm or the moon is doing.

Here’s the deal. There’s noise. Lots of it. And if you can’t find a way to stand out and attract YOUR people, someone else will. You have to have a message so connected to your core that you can’t help but shout it from the rooftops. Your message has seep into your ideal clients’ soul that they will find a way (any way) to work with you. No more chasing. Millionaires attract. And with a strong and powerful message, your ideal clients will be running to you with their credit cards in hand.

There is no traction without action. And even though up until this point, we’ve focused on mindset, being, leadership and embodiment, an aligned action is what puts your destiny in motion. You still have to get there… whether it be by bus, train, jet or on foot… you get to decide your aligned actions and step it into high gear. You will understand exactly what actions need to be taken, how you will get there and the roadblocks that may encounter along the way.

Say sayonara to doing all the shit you hate in your business (and life for that matter). You will learn how to step powerfully into your Rich Role, become the Queen B of your life and operate solely from your Wealthy Zone- aka – the place that brings you the most cash money. You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule, right? Where 20% of your actions, bring in 80% of your results. You’re going to walk away knowing exactly the tasks you should be working on daily to build wealth and impact and which ones are a complete waste of time.

Most coaching is all about permission and validation. In this final week, you will learn how to fully and 100% trust yourself, your intuition and the subtle (or obvious) nudges you get from the Universe. I truly believe that inspired and ideas and divine downloads can make you rich– but only if you know what to do with them! We’ll dive deep into paving a pathway for rich ideas to flow to you effortlessly and a plan of action to put them into motion to monetize them easily


Daily (M-F) Short, Actionable, No Fluff Audio Trainings for Six Weeks.

We are going to get to the root of what’s stopping you from earning the income you deserve NOW.  

Weekly LIVE Mindset Makeover Calls with Jenn

where we dive into your current blocks, sabotages and stories so we can eradicate them for good!  

Active and Engaged Facebook Group

for additional support and encouragement. You will be 100% supported and lifted up throughout our entire time together. 

First 10 ONLY BONUS:

Private Voxer Access to Jenn for 5 days.
At any time during the program, when you feel like you need a boost and some extra coaching, turn on your Voxer Access to Jenn and get five full days of audio coaching from Jenn!

First 20 ONLY BONUS:

Personalized Money Breakthrough Audio Coaching with Custom Affirmations by Jenn.
We’ll uncover your sabotages and most limiting beliefs around money and Jenn will deliver a personalized mindset makeover lesson made just for YOU.

An Additional 2+ Months of Mindset Trainings

Once you’ve completed the training, you get a BONUS 70 days of daily audio trainings to help integrate the strategies you learn in Meant for Millions. 

Incredible! Really Jenn I can tell you that this has been absolutely amazing. I feel like I’m a whole new person, owning up to who I was meant to be. I made it to $20k this month AND I’m pretty sure next month will be close to $30k. Yes, I put a ton of strategies in place for that to happen, but it wouldn’t have happened without your mindset strategies. But, way beyond money, I feel like a completely different person. Not because of the money I am making, but because of the person I have become and the limits I was finally able to leave behind. I feel like I blossomed into who I was always meant to be. I’m not going to lie, the first 2 weeks were REALLY hard. I cried soooo much. But, I pushed through and I feel like a huge shift has happened especially in the last 2 weeks. I have done lots of programs before, but I think having the daily support from your audios walking us through everything made it really different. I feel amazing!! Thank you!!
Fabi Paolini-Benavides

Many people try and most fail at this online business thing. There’s a reason why. The answer lies in your mind. If you want to get inside the mind of a master at this game and see the day-to-day things that she does to oil her machine and stay at the top, you’ll get to working with Jenn on your mindset. Do you want to to get your head where it needs to be to succeed at this online thing? This is the place to do it. Jenn shows you where your head needs to be and the path to get it there.

Megan Weks

Working with Jenn has been MINDBLOWING! Each week the lessons helped me to completely shatter unhealthy beliefs which I held about myself as an entrepreneur, and behaviors, or lack thereof, which were hurting my business. Thanks to Jenn, a lot of the major issues I was unconsciously holding onto around my business were dragged into the light so that I could take action steps to resolve them. Thank you for being such an amazing coach and source of support Jenn.

Love and Relationship Coach

I’ve have known for a long time that our minds, thoughts and beliefs shape us. It’s makes total sense that adopting the right mindset is a must for creating a successful life and business..

Although I had done a lot of up rooting of old crap and gunk, it wasn’t until I started working with Jenn that I saw how much I was falling short in terms of consistently upgrading my mindset to be more in alignment with what I want.

Jenn is the Queen of Mindset. She is also the Queen of time and of showing up consistently. She is constantly upping her own game. She sets the bar high but in ways that makes life and business WAY better, more prosperous and full of ease.

Brona Malone

I enjoyed your energy and the way you truly showed up. I really appreciate how passionately Jenn showed up during our time together. Jenn’s energy is truly contagious and I can see how deeply she understands not only the sales process, but the energetic principles behind it as well.
Elena Lipson

Over 40K in 10 weeks! Jenn’s energy and mindset work is such a boon to any entrepreneur. Throughout our work together she consistently helped me up level my mindset and my work, stepping into the entrepreneur I was meant to be. The group component was amazing as well. Nothing like a group of supportive, confident bad ass women to help you to up your game!

Lindsey Wilson

I loved it from the very beginning – the weekly live calls, the journaling prompts and the wonderful circle of women in the group.

Jenn has such a wealth of knowledge and a wholehearted understanding of what we need, and every call is a deeply inspirational challenge to help us grow, expand and create a bigger reality for ourselves.

And while I already knew that Jenn is amazing – what I hadn’t anticipated was the magical effect of doing this intense mindset work as part of an incredible circle of like-minded and supportive women.

In 6 months I have gone from being a brand new and doubtful coach who was terrified of stepping out there, do my thing and become visible – to working with dream clients, doing group-coaching on live video, launching my online coaching business and even helping other women overcome their fear of visibility!

Joining was the best thing I could have done for both my own self-development and for my business.

Synnove Thue

Are you ready to rise?


Let’s Do This! 

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