Every day I encounter entrepreneurs who are doing all the things, who are overwhelmed with all the hats they are wearing and are STILL not where they want to be financially.

Simply put- the reward is not matching the effort.


Well, there are common reasons why your marketing efforts may be falling flat, and this can show up in a couple of ways:

1) You ARE actually posting and doing your marketing, emailing, Facebooking, Instagram Story-ing, but it’s not translating into the amount of clients or dollars you desire

2) You are NOT posting like you know you should be, you’re coming across major resistance and you talk yourself out of showing up more regularly than not

3) You are doing it all, but you are attracting the WRONG people. People who can’t afford you, ask for discounts or just don’t feel ideal

Here are some reasons why this might be showing up for you

> Misalignment – Something doesn’t feel right. Maybe you don’t really want to make that offer, or launch that way, or do that webinar, or work with that specific type of client anymore. When things are aligned, they just WORK. No pushing, no pulling, it doesn’t feel hard.

> You’re not in love with your offers and they don’t excite you. Whoah mama, this is huge! I see it all the time. People creating offers they “think” will sell or make them money vs selling what they really want to sell in the way they want to sell it and in the format they desire to deliver it in.

> Too many rules- Instead of getting in touch with what feels aligned for you to market and sell, you try to micromanage every detail, and think it has to be a certain way or time of day in order for it to work.  You’re more focused on what you have to do to get people to respond vs just sharing the message and making an invitation from that place.

> Filtering- You are not being your true, authentic self online. You are worried too much about what people will think, or do or say. So you hold back, you say what you “think” people want to hear and/or you just don’t post anything at all.

Listen, you don’t need a spreadsheet or a step by step process to get this right.

What you need is to:

Understand: Your big vision, WHY you are even doing this, what your purpose here is, what you are aligned with, and why you aren’t already where you desire to be.

Get Clarity: In ALL areas. From what your client wants, to what you want, to how you want to run your business, to what your true goals are and why they are, to your feel good marketing strategies and more. Clarity is one of those “intangible” things, but MAGIC happens when you get it.

Believe: In yourself, your business, your products and services and how you can help people transform. If you doubt yourself, others will too…  and if they don’t believe what you have to offer will help them, they will not buy.

Have Resilience: Most people quit before they’ve given a strategy enough time to see if it actually works. If you are doing things in an aligned and feel good way in business, then just keep going! The trick here is to keep going EVEN when it looks like it’s not working.

If you’re ready to make your marketing work for you, and get in alignment and on purpose with what you are putting out in the world, I’m working with a small group of coaches to do just that.