In 2015 I experienced a huge leap in my income. I blew my previous year’s revenue away by 1400% – that’s 14X what I did the year before, 1400% just sounds way cooler 😉

It was such a crazy amazing shift, that was so unexpected and I was so proud of myself. I was so ready for more. I spent a lot of that year just basking in the glory of what I accomplished so fast and pretty much trying to keep up with what I created.

But that quantum leaped fucked me over big time.

It’s kinda like when you try a drug for the first time (from what I hear, anyway!). You never really feel that same high again. And my leap was so epic, and my personality is so Type A, of course, I thought, shit, I need to do that again?!

And that scared me, because 14 times half a million dollars is SEVEN MILLION. And I had NO freaking clue how to pull that off!

I did a slightly better the following year, but still fell just shy of my goal of $1M for the year. The year after that? No massive increase. No quantum leap.


I have been waiting for the quantum leap to happen again for 3 years now! And it just hasn’t.

I’ve been way too attached to the outcome, my income goals weren’t grounded in any kind of reality (it’s all just because I “want” to). And trust me, that’s all about to change here in 2019… but it got me thinking about why I experience that initial epic leap in the first place.

Here’s what happened the first year and why it worked so effortlessly:

After reaching my first five figure month ($11K) in December 2014, I knew I wanted to reach six figures the next year. So, I hustled hard (and loved every moment of it), because I thought I needed to do so much more to get to 100k. I didn’t realize how easy it actually was.

My goal was never to reach a million or even $500K that year. It was “six figures” and even after I did that in the first 3 months, I upped my goal to a humble and reachable $300K.

So how the heck did I reach $535K? Well simple. I was soooo unattached.

That just wasn’t what I was striving for. I wasn’t strangling that goal and holding onto it for dear life and/or beating myself up month after month wondering how I was going to hit it when it didn’t look like it was possible at all.

The goal I had was something much bigger than I could ever dream possible at the time, but because I had already hit my goal in the first quarter, I kind of approached it like: “well if I hit it, that would awesome, but if not – no biggie!”

I even remember joking to friends that I didn’t have to work the rest of the year because I had already hit my six figures.

And because of that, everything I did was fluid, easy and in flow. I showed up, I shared my message, and I launched programs because I WANTED to, not because I was trying to hit some insane target to prove my worth.

There’s such a big difference in how you show up when you do it 1) because you “have” to versus 2) because you want to, and simply you just can’t not.

In most cases, there is so much funky energy attached to reaching money goals and why you think you need to reach certain targets, ranging from having to pay your mortgage, to having to prove something to someone, to trying to keep up with the online Joneses.

How much different do you think you would show up if there was no monetary attachment, if you knew without a doubt that every message you shared inspired someone into action, and every sale you made changed someone’s life.

Much different, right?

This is just one of many examples and stories about how mindset and energy play a significant role in your success or failure. I’m so pumped to be sharing even more and helping you understand WHY you haven’t hit your goals yet, even though you have been trying so hard.

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