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April 26-28th, 2024💥

Imagine having a whole arsenal of expertise at your fingertips – from nailing your marketing strategies to mastering your mindset and everything in between. Say goodbye to those days of searching high and low for the right resources – I’ve got your back!

Here’s What’s Included in the Flash Sale:

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End the reliance on social media and learn 10 organic marketing strategies that will skyrocket your growth and audience to make more sales without being on social media 24/7. Includes workbook and 10 mini trainings.



Use the power of AI to get all of your launch content locked and loaded in the Content Creation Workshop. BONUS: Power Prompts Workbook + MidJourney MasterClass



Leverage Automated Emails & Funnels for Sales While You Sleep Master the art of creating effective email marketing funnels that generate sales around the clock, leaving you free to enjoy life beyond work. I literally give you the formula to create this in record time and walk away with a fully built out system to nurture clients even when you’re not posting.



Leverage Group Programs to Serve More in Less Time Unlock the potential of group programs to maximize your impact while minimizing the hours you invest. Help more people in less time AND create incredible results for your clients with this specific high impact, high touch offer.



Leverage VA/Outsourcing for a 20-Hour Workweek Explore the world of virtual assistants and outsourcing to drastically reduce your workload while maintaining your business's momentum.



Leverage Other People’s Audiences & Collaborations for Business Growth Learn the art of collaboration and audience-sharing to expand your reach, gain new customers, and elevate your business to new heights.



5 In-depth Workshops focused on: Claiming Exclusivity & Specificity, Simplifying Your Offer Suite, Creating a Repeatable Marketing Model, Repurpose Content Like a Pro, Get an A+ Support Team

Bonus Audios: Become a Top Coach, The Boutique Business Model Mindset, and The Mindset of Change


I signed my HIGHEST CLIENT EVER DURING THE COURSE! I also had a client pay in full! I had a bit of a dry spell in my business in the summer and although it started to pick up a little in September, I needed a good push to take it to the next level. During this course, it became my second highest month in the ENTIRE year. And the second half of the course made my third highest month in the ENTIRE year! This was HUGE for my confidence levels and believing it was possible. I made my entire investment of the course back in a week of starting through a course I launched. I was barely able to make $2K-$3K throughout the year, and during the first month of this course I made $5.6K!!!

Aditi Ramchandani

I made it to $20k this month AND I’m pretty sure September will be close to $30k. Yes, I put a ton of strategies in place for that to happen, but it wouldn’t have happened without Wealth from Within.because of it I feel like I became a different person. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Not because of the money I am making, but because of the person I have become and the limits I was finally able to leave behind.

Fabi Paolini-Benavides

“There’s a reason why Jenn is one of the top coaches in the industry; she knows her stuff and gets you results. Using the strategies recommended by Jenn, I successfully booked new clients into my premium coaching program which resulted in an additional $6k in revenue. I highly recommend her to all female service-based entrepreneurs out there”

Julie Cornish

Online Business Strategist

I love working with Jenn because she is no BS and tells you straight up what’s going on and meets your resistance head on. She has helped me make some difficult decisions about the direction of my business. I tend to over think stuff and Jenn has helped me to get out of my head and take the right actions to move my business forward. I experienced my first 4k month only 60 days after changing the direction of my business. The program has so much value. Just the courses alone without Jenn’s direct access has made a huge difference for me. Add to that the direct access you get to Jenn and all her expertise, the value is 10X the price.I love that Jenn always meets you where you are at . Her advice is not one-size-fits -all, it is tailored to your particular stage of your business.

Karmen Lizzul

As a result of Captivate, my mindset shifted and I hit my first 10K month! Now I know why visibility and positioning are the key to standing out and getting clients

Pachi McLeod

Loved Captivate! Exactly what I needed to launch my online business. As a result, I’m getting massive awareness about my personal brand and what I do, My email list and FB group members grew exponentially, I ran my first “social challenge.” , did my first live workshop training, and my posts on FB groups are getting massive engagement.

Samuel Ferrati

I am so grateful I took this course. My expectations were high when I signed up and this course by far exceeded all of them. The modules I felt were in perfect order starting with mindset. Captivate has given me clarity and most importantly confidence. I had my first television appearance last week. I have momentum and I expect the opportunities coming my way to knock my socks off. I could have not said this before experiencing this course. Thank you Jenn!! I am proud to say that I have been mentored by one of the greats.

Courtney Daniel

I learned so much in the short eight weeks that it has really changed the way I look at entrepreneurship. I felt very comfortable every step of the way because I felt like you were right there. Excellent execution – hell, you’re Jenn Scalia what else would I expect!

Courtney Daniel

In the 90 days I worked with Jenn I banked $51,070 (cash in the bank). After having known Jenn for 2 years online, she’s never ceased to amaze me at just how much she over delivers.

Christina Jandali

Jenn helped me so much with my money mindset. Having her in my ear each month was invaluable. It meant so much to me to tell her I wanted to make a million this year and have her say: Ok. That’s easy. Nobody else thought my goals were realistic. I will be hitting a million in September. Thank you for listening and showing me what was possible. Truly grateful!!

Caitlin Bacher

My mindset around money was crystal clear “I couldn’t make more than — because I didn’t have enough experience, I wasn’t old enough etc” Through working with Jenn she helped me shatter that! I stopped being focused on what I can’t do, but more on what I can. How I serve people and the value I deliver more than anyone else. Her strategies are spot on and they work! For real! For one thing I planned my dream vacation to Italy with my husband. I never thought I could “afford” a luxury like that.

Chanie Wilschanski

Discovered Consulting

Being a part of Captivate was the kick in the butt I needed. I have been in business as a marketing and success coach for about a year now and I know I skipped over somethings during the transition from being a health and fitness coach. Get Paid took me back through and helped me see what I missed. Committing to the course forced me to take action before I was ready. During the 8 weeks my email list grew by 50%. My Facebook group doubled!!! I have complete and unshakable clarity on my offerings and my mission.

Emily Kirby

I made $1000 in my 4 day sale and sold $8000 in pre-sales of my course to my waitlist before opening up to the public. $8000 was the total of my last launch and have already surpassed that with time to go left in my launch!

Katie K. May

I have been in quite a few programs like this and Jenn’s course really stood out. She has a knack for explaining ideas and concepts simply in a way that is easy to digest. There was no “fluff” or busy work. Every single thing in the program moves the needle forward a notch or two and that is GOLD. I’d been hovering at the $3-5K a month mark for a year and as a result in Get PAID, I busted through that $5K and make almost $6,000 last month! Biggest month in business!

Rita Ester

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