I am just wrapping up another round of the Shift Your Money Sh!t Challenge!   And it’s so interesting to see all the stuff that come up and the behavior and attitudes that we have accumulated throughout our lives that keeps us stuck and playing safe.

One of the themes that kept coming up with my clients this week was around “Why am I attracting broke people”. Basically, people are showing interest in their offers, but aren’t the right people, can’t afford it or can’t invest.

As you know “like attracts like”… and “broke attracts broke” too.

Here are four behaviors that are a sign you may be operating from a broke mindset and an indication of why you may not yet be where you most desire to be.

(P.S. If you prefer to watch, you can check out the livestream I did here) 

  1. You have an “when” attitude”– Essentially, your decisions are conditional. I will invest in a VA when I am making more money, I will show up more powerfully when I lose weight, etc. Your thought process is more like this: I’ll do this when X, Y, or Z happens, when you should really be flipping it to this: I’ll do this so that I can…
  2. You choose cheaper over best – You’re a price shopper vs a value shopper. You choose your softwares or programs because they cost less vs because they are a better fit. You choose coaches or mentors because their rates are lower, vs choosing the best fit for you- even if it’s a little more expensive. If you find yourself shopping and choosing based on price alone (or price first) then you have a problem. Also choose value first.
  3. You make slow decisions and/or overthink – One of the most powerful traits a successful entrepreneur can have is making quick decisions. Now, now that doesn’t always mean hastily saying yes to something without evaluating it. It just means that you have a process for deciding, there is a short time line and a decision is made: yes or no. Those who make slow decisions, overthink, worry about their decisions and contemplate forever and a day are bound to stay stuck.
  4. You’re stuck honoring sunk costs – You’ve spent so much time and energy and effort on something that even when you know it is no longer working for you (or perhaps never was) you won’t let it go. You are honoring the time, energy and money you put into something instead of honoring alignment with a certain idea, niche, program, or coach.


Check out the livestream I did where I dive deeper into this concept and give some more examples of how these may be showing up in your life and business.