For the established entrepreneur who is tired of inconsistent revenues and ready to break through their income plateaus. 

What if you could put a proven system in place to bring consistent leads and clients into your business month after month, and you were able to help those people in a one to many capacity so you can have more time for yourself?

With The Breakthrough Profits System, I show you how to create more business and help more people in less time and how to turn that into a repeatable process that you can rely on month after month.


Does any of this sound familiar?


    • Your income is so inconsistent, you feel like you’re constantly hoarding cash and pinching pennies, and don’t see any way to get past this


    •  You’re exhausted because you feel like you’re doing all the right things, but the tangible results are just not showing up like you’ve expected or they’re trickling in way too slow


    •  You feel like you get swallowed up in the day to day of prepping and planning in your business that you don’t have time to do the things you actually enjoy doing, like coaching and creating.


      • You know something is ‘off’ but you don’t know what it is so you keep chasing your tail trying to figure it out.


      • You feel like you can’t walk away from your business, for a vacation… or even for a weekend.


      • You just want to have that breakthrough that changes EVERYTHING but it seems to slip right through your fingers every. single. time.


You see, most people think more clients equals more work, so they unconsciously sabotage the growth of their business.


Breakthrough Profits Alliance is a 6 Month Business Accelerator to scale your income up while decreasing the amount of hours you work.

Designed for coaches, consultants, healers, creatives, designers, copywriters and any other online service provider who wants to scale their business to multiple six figures this year…

This is Exclusively For You If: 


  • You have an existing business that makes money and you’re ready to scale
  • You have a high value or transformational service and want to impact more people
  • You have mastered the art of getting clients and customers, but you’ve been doing all the “hustle way” and are ready to make it sustainable
  • You are ready for massive income leaps and know that you have to do things differently to get there
  • You aren’t afraid of investing in your personal and business growth because you see the value and the ROI attached to doing so
  • You want a team, support system and accountability to reach that next income level FAST

This Is Not For You If:


  • You do not have a business that makes money and have never gotten clients or customers before.
  • You just have an “idea”, are just getting started, or are just getting ready to launch
  • You don’t have an audience of people who want to buy from you, and/or aren’t willing to invest time and money to build one  
  • You do not offer high value or transformation for your clients, you sell other people’s products or are in network marketing 
  • You have not mastered making at least $2500 a month consistently in your business


I’m only looking for serious entrepreneurs who are committed to getting big results in their business fast.

There is a good chance you may not be qualified for Breakthrough Profits Alliance because I am only willing to work with people who go ALL IN. This program is specifically designed for people who have proven that they can get real results for their clients.




  • Create a rock solid mindset that will eliminate the self imposed ceilings you’ve created for yourself as to why your business can’t move to the next level
  • Design your unique “Offer Ladder” of scalable one to many offers that you can deploy in your business to create consistent monthly income
  • Implement a Lead Generation system that brings in new prospects month after month so you never have to worry about where your next client is coming from
  • Create a unique to you system that puts these things on autopilot so you don’t have to recreate the wheel or keep coming up with new ways to market your business


Why Breakthrough Profits Alliance is Different

Breakthrough Profits Alliance is a hybrid, 1:1 coaching + implementation program where my team and I are with you every step of the way, guiding you through a system to increase your income and reduce your working hours by at least 50%.

And although BPA includes a system, it is PERSONALIZED to you and your business. Even though we have a process, we infused your personality and strengths to make sure it works for YOU.

My clients work with me because they want to create predictable income in their businesses without burning out, selling out or having to jump from launch to launch.






–> Lisa Marie has been coaching for years, but got stuck in a plateau… we got her back on track and she enrolled 16 new clients and had to start a waiting list


–> Anne had already hit six figures, but couldn’t break through the 10K a month trap… after working together, she hit her first 21K month with more ease AND more fun.


–> Kate doubled, then tripled her income… in 60 days.


–> Katie, had two back to back $15K months when she had previously only made $7K a month


–> Caitlin was already successful making $250K a year, and wanted to do a million…. she hit it within 9 months and continued on to make millions more! 



I am deeply committed to making sure my clients getting results


In the first 30 days, we are going to walk you through a proven campaign that you can implement right away to inject instant cash into your business

* Breakthrough Profits Alliance comes with a meaningful five figure investment.


You have more to lose by continuing to do what you’ve always done. Every month you don’t reach your target goals, is another month you spend in worry vs in your zone of genius, doing what you were meant to do, making the money you were meant to make. The more you try to go it alone, the more time you waste. And time is money.

Breakthrough Profits Alliance is designed to save you both.

This mastermind is NOT for people who aren’t serious about doing the work neccessary to grow their business, who aren’t willing to get uncomfortable and do what it takes to build a sustainable business and legacy.

If you are finally ready to get off the income roller coaster and put an unstoppable mindset, profitable offers and proven systems in place to ensure predictable monthly revenues…


* SPACES LIMITED – My team and I can only work with 20 businesses at a time, so apply now before all spots are filled.

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