The $10k Lab is Enrolling Now…

Extremely Limited: This Special Edition of the $10k Lab Will be shut down after the Limited 25 Spots are taken…

If You Have a Website and Have Worked With Clients But are STUCK at the $2000 to $5000 Per Month Ceiling – I’m Ready To Work With You To Predictably Inject Your Business Month After Month With Raving Fans and Sales…

Inside The $10k+ Lab, I’ll Personally Help You Go From Overlooked To Fully Booked By Working With You To Get Raving Fans and Predictable Sales In 10 Weeks Without the Wheels Coming Off – Even If You Don’t Have a Big Online Presence Right Now…

YES! I’m ready to STOP missing out on the $10k Months I deserve! I’m excited to move from 1:1 coaching to Group Coaching, High Ticket Masterminds, or Membership Continuity without all the hassle! Put me in the Special Edition $10k+ Lab…so I can start having CONSISTENT $10k months like clockwork. I understand in the $10k+ Lab I’ll get access to Jenn on our twice weekly calls and I won’t need to consume hours of videos – but I DO promise take action on what she says to do.

What Is The Special Edition $10K+ Lab?

Right now I’m taking on a few women to work intimately with inside the New Special Edition $10k+ Lab.

This is an intensive deep dive coaching program with the newest online marketing strategies where stablize your business and hit CONSISTENT $10k+  months simply selling your group coaching, mastermind, membership continuity site or big-ticket 1on1 coaching program over 10 weeks without the wheels coming off on your business…

Without any long drawn out training, workbooks to fill out, or hours of videos to watch And without you having to work MORE hours like nights or weekends. AND you’ll work FEWER hours, because the $10k+ Lab isn’t another cookie-cutter online training program. 

For women coaches looking for a “proven” way of getting their real raw voice heard, coaching and programs sold out month after month, and banking $10,000+ consistent months, this Special Edition of the $10k+ Lab is the answer because it’s customized coaching and feedback to your specific and unique situation.


As soon as you secure your spot inside the $10k+ Lab I’ll have you take my special intake survey and from this and your goals, I’ll customize a 10-week game plan for you and I’ll then email the personalized plan to you. We’ll execute it over the next 10 weeks step by step with me in your corner. 

If you want to sell group coaching, a high-end digital program, a continuity membership site, fill a mastermind or just launch your ultra-high 1:1 – you get a custom plan to do so over 10 weeks. 

I’ll walk you through exactly what to do, I give you the templates, systems, and feedback to save you 5 to 10+ hours a week, so you work less but still cash in on CONSISTENT $10,000+ months in 10 weeks. But more importantly, you get access TO ME for feedback.

Here’s What ELSE You Get Inside the $10k+ Lab:

ALWAYS KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT:  You get 10 weeks intimate and interactive group coaching with me personally…

Every Tuesday you and I will cover the nuts and bolts of what you need specifically to hit $10,000+ months through implementing my proven systems, automations, email & Facebook templates for making sales while I personally help you fine-tune your offers, guide you on adding loads of traffic and adding raving fans to your email list…

Plus give you feedback on closing your big-ticket sales and creating automated income that comes in month after month. 

On these calls I’ll guide you to the closest thing to a “walk away” business you’ll ever find. 

The strategies & templates I give you inside the $10k+ Lab will cause you to be invited on popular Podcasts, fill your high-end 1on1 coaching or your $2000+ group programs. All of it adds up to your consistent $10k+ months…

I’ll also help you build a “waiting” list for your next program so you’re never left scrambling to fill the next one! Plus I’ll share with you how you can always know exactly how much you have to invest in your business every month in the growth phase of your business. 

Would you like to download from my head and into yours the thoughts and perspectives that took me from $35,000 to $500,000 in revenue in one year? Well, every Thursday we’ll meet on our 2nd call so you can download my personal thoughts and philosophies and apply them specifically to your business (and life). Even strategies on hiring assistants, paid advertising or a mentor. 

Well be prepared as:

-Your confidence skyrockets and you’re not shy about quoting premium prices ever again
-Your email and private chat messages explode with requests to talk to you or just flat out hire you…
-Be prepared for your discovery calls flow so much easier when people already want to work with you before they get on calls. 
-And feel GOOD charging higher prices where you get ZERO resistance and feel appreciated and fulfilled when they pay ON time, every time. 

Imagine comfortably saying, “No” to people who aren’t a good fit for you because you have a LINE of people “out the door and around the building”…waiting to talk to you!

This is all possible when you download my proven perspectives and apply them to your business. And if you can’t be on “live” to either Tuesday or Thursday’s call? Just send in your questions, I’ll answer them on the call and you get access to the recordings. So you’re NEVER left wondering what to do, or what you should apply your focus to. 


You get direct access to me working with you, plus my VERY best tools inside the $10k+ Lab. If you want raving fans and a predictable path to consistent $10k+ months then the $10k+ lab is for you. inside the lab, we’re all about hustle with flow and strengths based strategy.  


Many emerging online women coaches aren’t sure if they have anything new or unique to offer and they fell prey to limiting stories which keep them playing small…

But since you’re a bit more advanced, you know this can be a slippery slope and usually requires support…

Once inside the $10k+ Lab community, former students understood how to spot their limiting stories and started sharing their insights in the group where they’re supported in our private community…

…they’ve all felt empowered and even lighter by turning their stories into a FOCUSED system for success. 

With me in your corner, you can download a new perspective on situations in an instant, when before they used to stump you and keep you stuck. Instead, just post in the group. 

But I’m not done…

And for being a fast action taker…

You Get Two more SUPER Bonuses: 

When You Pay in Full Today, You Also Get…

1:1 Voxer access to me throughout the 10 weeks – (Pay in Full Only) – 10 spots available

Email access throughout the 10-weeks – (Pay in Full Only)

These bonuses alone will get you launched straight into $10k Months. Talk about starting out with absolute clarity and speed! 

So When You Join The New Special Edition $10k+ Lab Today You get 10 Weeks Of Me Working With You To Make $10k Months Your New Norm…


You’ll finally lay claim to your raw authenticity and vulnerability ANY time you choose and you can start sharing without feeling terrified if people receive you and your offer or not. 

The fact is, ONLY the people who DEEPLY vibe with you will matter! 

So inside the New Special Edition of the $10k+ Lab I’ll help you bridge what you want, with ONLY the minimum amount of work needed to bring it in. 

Because you don’t need the whole world to agree in order to make a huge impact or a living.

You do, however, need to be clear on what it is you’re calling in…

You’ll discover how to be YOU and allow your TRUTH to filter out people who aren’t a good energetic match for you and your services. 

No more “pain in the ass” clients wasting your time or haggling over price. 

With your new authority in place, you only put out genuine content that is deeply fulfilling and energizing to both YOU and your very best clients…

AND it will make you SALES… 

And because you’re using your authentic VOICE (which is your very own style) you’ll start to experience:  

– the joy of NEW high-value clients who appreciate you and pay you on time.
– profound energy from your coaching, speaking or writing sessions. 
– relaxation and inspiration when someone asks you what you “Do” or what your story is.

You’ll have access to me to help make this happen and much more…

Are you ready to secure your seat and make $10k+ months your new norm? 

If so, secure your spot below…

Option #1:
ONE TIME Payment of
Only $3500

Option #2:
Three Payments of
Only $1333.00 each



1) Who is this for?

– If you want to move from 1:1 coaching to a one to many model by developing and launching a group program. It’s the ultimate leverage based model.

– You want to create recurring revenue in your business with a membership site, subscription program, or evergreen DIY courses.

– You want to develop, sell and launch a high ticket mastermind ($10k+) 

– Ideally, you have a specific goal you want to accomplish in the next 3 to 6 months. I’ll help you hit it.

2) Who is this not for?

– You don’t have a business yet or haven’t had any clients

– You aren’t doing a minimum of $2000 to $5000 a month

– You do not have a website

– You don’t have any specific goals for what you want to achieve yet

3) Will I Get any 1:1 Time with Jenn?

The first 10 who take action on the early bird special and pay their tuition in full get direct Voxer Access with Jenn along with email support during the entire 10 weeks. This is a very limited bonus. Otherwise, you get access to Jenn on the twice weekly group calls, and daily in the Facebook group= which are extremely valuable.  

4) Will This Be Hard Work?

Yes! It WILL be work (but only as hard as you decide to make it)…if someone wants to lollygag their way to consistent $10,000+ per month business and get there “someday”…

That could be easy? 


Consistently hitting $10,000+ months and going after it with a DEADLINE will require digging down and digging in. 

And I help you structure your business and marketing around your natural mental talents and strengths without having to live “launch to launch…” 

But it takes TWO of us… 

I want realists in the $10k+ Lab community.

With that said, the rewards all along the way may be some of the most exciting and exhilarating adventures you’ve ever undertaken.

We’ll work hard AND smart….

We have a ball over here, busting through challenges together and experiencing the thrill of victory because of our efforts. 

And when everything feels like it’s going to hell in a handbasket (and at times it will), you’ve got a shoulder to lean on for support. 

5) Can’t I Do This Myself?  

Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe you can? 

One of our $10k+ Lab students Minnie von Mallinckrodt-Grant thought hard over this decision, and realized she could work alone to try and figure out on her own…


She could work together with someone who’s been there, done that, and is STILL doing it. 

Doing it by herself, she had big doubts. 

Can I do this? 

Can I really gain the visibility and get the results of being seen, heard, and read about by my audience “by myself?” 

And that’s what can hold you back. 

She also had hesitations about joining because of the price. 

She wondered if she already knew enough. 

But, she kept thinking…

“How well could I do from getting more support and help from someone who’s been there and done that?” 

So, what did Minnie do? 

She chose to get my help and found a way to make it work for her. 

And once she DECIDED? 

Her internal doubts evaporated away. (Stress and turmoil are often caused by NOT making a decision. But once a decision is made, and action is taken, there’s a peace of mind!) 

She 58x’ed her investment, had the best month she’d ever had, was able to share her thoughts and ideas with a high vibe group of entrepreneurs 

…while flying through each week because in her words, “Jenn kept things refreshingly simple.” 

6) Will We Get Any Kind Of Interaction or Live Support?


We’ll meet up twice a week where we’ll dive deep into your questions and provide feedback, support and guidance so you always know what to do. 

Together, we’ll work through ANY challenges you find yourself facing and BLAST through them. 

I don’t just talk about theory, I focus on how it applies to your specific business, your finances, and your brand.

You get strategies to grow in ALL areas of your life, especially growing your influence and audience when you tap into the $10k+ Lab.

You’ll be able to (and I demand) you put everything out on the table. 

Many emerging women entrepreneurs feel like they’re in this alone, but I’m in your corner…

…there to celebrate your success, kick you in the butt when you need it, and be the shoulder you lean on when things aren’t going your way.  

With my help, you’ll never be caught alone asking yourself: “What do I do right now?” 

Don’t overlook how much faster you can reach and surpass your goals with help from other $10k+ Lab members in the VIP Group too. 

Wisdom from EXPERIENCE is the fastest and best shortcut I know to get consistent exposure, and visibility and you get it inside the $10k+ Lab.

7) How Much Is The Investment Again?

If you’re ready to do this and you’ll commit to all the things outlined above, it’ll cost you a fortune to miss out on what you’ll be getting inside the Special Edition of the $10k+ Lab.

I mean, if we got you to $100k per year just one MONTH faster than you could do on your own…

You’d be $10k-ish ahead, right? 

That said, your investment for the 10-week Special Edition $10k+ Lab is just a one time $3500 when you Pay in Full (or 3 Payments of $1333.00 – while available.)

Remember, if you’re one of the first 10, when you Pay in Full you also get direct Voxer access to me along with unlimited email (Monday thru Friday)…

So you’ll never be left hanging…

My target is to see you hit $10,000+ months in 10 weeks, and run your own Lifestyle Friendly “walk away” business, EVEN if you don’t have a big audience right now. 

No more working launch to launch or feeling as if you’ve got to be “one” 24/7 replying to people.

Imagine getting invited to popular podcasts, receiving emails and private messages from prospects who are eager and READY to work with you! 

And imagine closing $10,000+ per month in new business without getting on phone calls with unqualified people! 

You could cover your investment in FULL with one $3000 client. 

More importantly imagine bringing on 5 to 10 NEW clients at $3000 a piece and hitting $15k, to $30k in 10 weeks!

The potential upside can be phenomenal when you’re being featured on popular podcasts, tapping into your email list using my proven templates that generate quality strategy sessions…

And closing sales through phone or even chat!

We’re going to pay for ourselves at the very least with the $10k+ Lab.

I’ve got the plan, to help pull out $10,000+ months…. 

I’ve got the support and I’m in your corner. 

You bring the commitment. And your results will match your commitment. 

Now, there’s one last thing I want to point out on the investment.

You are going to pay no matter what. Go it alone, and you WILL pay old man experience and the School of Hardknocks. 

I’ve met them both, and they’re VERY greedy! And I’m pretty sure you’ll end up paying much more than your investment to get the same type of results you’ll get as a member of the $10k+ Lab community. 


…it will cost you dearly in that time too. 

Not to mention all the blood, sweat, and tears. 

Just being real here. 

Invest in the New Special Edition $10k+ Lab and with your 100% commitment to the plan we lay out for you, we’re going to add $10,000+ months to your business…

…reduce your weekly work load…

…and help you to get seen, heard, and read about while injecting raving fans into your business.  

I’ll save you from costly mistakes that can put you back years, or even tens of thousands of dollars and delay your success for years. 

Our biggest expense is always the money we could be making, and the lives we could be living as well as impacting…

…but we’re not. 

Option #1:
ONE TIME Payment of
Only $3500

Option #2:
THREE Payments of
Only $1333.00 each

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