"While working with Jenn, I signed three 90-day clients!"

Before I started working with Jenn, I was feeling uncertain and like a rookie. While working with Jenn, I signed three 90-day clients! I also ran two groups. One filled 100%. This equated to $15,000 in my first 90ish days of business. I have more confidence and enthusiasm in my business, all thanks to Jenn!

Tara Newman

Success Coach and Business Mentor

"Grew my Facebook group from 12 to 300+ members"

Jenn gave me the steps to really put myself out there. I booked 4 new clients, had 150 people signed up in my free 7 day branding challenge, 500+ people sign up for my ebook, grew my private Facebook group for 12 to 300+ members, and I am gaining more visibility in Facebook groups as a branding expert.

Minling Chuang - Brand Strategist & Coach

Hi, I’m Jenn Scalia,

The no-BS, go-to business mentor and visibility strategist who turns online business wallflowers into badass, brazen business babes who shine.

I work with talented womenpreneurs who want nothing more than a full client roster, cushy bank account and fan club of devoted followers – but consistently let fears, doubts and insecurities stop them from putting themselves in the spotlight and making that money.

And me? I’m the straight-shooting big sister who steps in and teaches them exactly how to get over their shit so they can connect, create and crush it online (in a way that feels good and authentic, not grimy).

My list grew by 33% with no paid advertising

Not only did Jenn kick my butt into gear and help me start putting myself out there, she made it fun. My list grew by 33% with no paid advertising. I put on my first Instagram challenge and started offering mini sessions, which increased my leads for potential clients. I have also been able to redirect my focus and work in an area I’m really excited about.

TaVona Boggs - Biz Mentor & Strategist

I made $80K in revenue

I needed someone to kick my butt and hold me accountable, and Jenn did just that.

In the time I worked with Jenn, I grew my Facebook group and mailing list by 2000 people - each. I made $80K in revenue and over 3/4 of that was profit. I became further known as an expert in my field. People sought me out to be a guest expert on their telesummits, to be interviewed on their podcasts, etc. AND I signed up over 500 new clients, from over 25 countries!

Jordana Jaffe - Facebook Group Strategist

She is the real deal.

No other coach is out there giving such quality content and offering invaluable support like her. Since I started coaching with Jenn my confidence has soared. I truly am getting PAID. I'm at least 3 times as visible as before, had a huge launch of my authentic sales program and filled a new premium coaching program that now has a waitlist. She's amazing and I am so grateful.

Haley Night- Life & Business Coach

I've been published on 14 different blog communities

Before I started working with Jenn, I was feeling stuck, overwhelmed and confused. Through my work with Jenn, I've been published on 14 different blog communities including a major goal of guest blogging for Mind, Body, Green..

Jodie Hebbard, CPC - Certified Life and Career Coach

The UNBELIEVABLE value Jenn gives is AMAZING!

I felt like I was just handed a $100K Blueprint! I implemented ONE strategy (so far!)... and already booked one new client. The results are far more than just one new client... this will impact my whole business.

Barbara Foxworth - Business Coach & Mindset Mentor

I’ve created a MILLION DOLLAR plan for my biz!

Jenn doesn’t hold anything back! She explains exactly what she did and when she did it. Using Jenn’s steps I’ve created a MILLION DOLLAR plan for my biz!

Angela J Herrington - Broken Beautiful BOLD Ministries

If you want results, look no further.

If you are looking for smart, actionable tips that are going to get you results. Look no further. Jenn's 26 Ways to Increase Visibility & Thrive Online has it all!

Holly Gillen -Go-To Video Gal Virtual Video Consultant www.hollygstudios.com

Jenn is literally giving away gold.

If you want to grow your business fast all you have to do is follow her suggestions and you will see massive results overnight. My visibility has been upped by at least 500%, I have a better marketing plan and booked 6 power sessions the next day!

Helen Peterson - Holistic Life & Time Strategist


Jenn only takes a limited number of one on one clients, by application only. You can also work with her through her Mastermind, or The Little Black Business Book. If you're really ready to take your business and life to the next level, click below to schedule a chat with Jenn.